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    All I can say is we need deffensive help this summer, and that is most important. I still say Lucio will want out this summer so we will need to make a move for a CB plus we may need a new RB and LB if Sagnol and Lahm leave. This team needs to come out in Russia score some goals and get us to the final so we can hopefully win the Cup and maybe get some players to stay and fight for the CL.

    Bayern is a hgue club, everyone knows that, but our other huge clubs in Werder Bremen, Schalke and Hamburg just arent doing good enough in Europe for star players wanting to play in Germany. The league needs to get the player tax dropped and then get the clubs to start paying the big money and getting the Bundesliga to be a massive league again where it is us with 3 teams in the CL semis. But the way things are I think the MLS will get bigger then the Bundesliga. All the MLS has to do is keep rolling in the big owners and once the money is in the league the MLS could get as big as the Premier League.

    Well with Lahm on his way out it looks like Jensen will be our new left back next season, and Sagnol possably will leave so Lell will be our new RB. We will bring Gorlitz back to be our back up RB, so now we need another LB brought in. Then we need a new back up keeper and a #4 ST, so unless Bayern are looking to realy spend this summer, then I dont see us going and getting a new CM.

    I will say that for the 2009-2010 season we will lose a lot of players. I am thinking that we will be with out:

    van Buyten
    Ze Roberto
    van Bommel

    So we are going to be making a lot of changes in the next to summers. I just hope that we can hold on to our 3 stars.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">
    I still say and will continue to say that Bayern need to sign American Jozy Altidore from the New York Red Bulls. The kid is only 18, but is fastly becoming a great player. (...)
    ... form Altidore into the greatest ever American player and maybe one of the best strikers ever.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Last time they told exactly the same about Donovan. And he never even made it in his first european club...</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Well Donovan is a entire different person, and one that really isnt that great of a player or even have the talent that Altidore has a 18. I tell ya if Klinsmann is to bring in any American players you better hope it is either Jozy Altidore or Michael Bradley, cuz these guys can play.