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    Lucky? In contrary, we were unlucky with that miserable goalkeeper. United played with the enthusiasm of the early goal but in the total of 90 minutes Bayern deserved to win, because they NEVER GAVE UP! You can't go so far only by luck. If we go to the final and lose to Barcelona, that would be no disaster, they are simply the bestest of the best. Without Messi they would be just better than the rest, with him they have no match.

    Deisel, Jovetic PUSHED him and when people are running even a small push can count.
    We deserved to go through, that's it. For the future, let';s not be so sure the others will be happy to meet us.

    I do not know what match have you seen with those two penalites against us.

    I saw and offside goal from Fiorentina (the second), another irregular goal for Fiorentina (the third, when Jovetic pushed Van Buyten), and an wrong decision to rule Klose's position as offside, for the possible 3-3.

    In addition, before Klose's scandalous goal in Munich, the ref should have shown red card for the Fiore man who made the penalty, as the last defender. Plus, in Munich they only fouled Ribbery and Robben every time they touched the ball, but no booking for them.

    Fiorentina played most of the 180 minutes only defending. Bayern had the absolute merit of keeping calm after going two goals down. It is not easy to turn your luck like that when you play against an Italian team, especially in Italy.

    We deserved to go through, despite some mistakes.
    Keep the faith man

    Maldini?! Vaffancullo!
    Sure, we nothing to be impressed with the qualification. We knew it already.
    Jokes apart, we really need a REAL goalkeeper!
    Fiore's third goal was irregular, because Jovetic pushed Van Buyten, but at least we are 1-1 considering irregular goals now. But... Klose was not offside in the action of the eventual 3-3 goal. What a shame.
    However, no we need too much more luck and concentration to go through the next stage. I would prefer to meet Bordeaux again.

    Thanks Zoi and Happy Birthday.
    Yes, he is my baby (Joan), but now he is three months old (the pic is much earlier) and now he looks more like his mom. I hope he will change again :D

    Oh, it was a wrong post. I thought it was Anna the one who had sent me a request in FB, but now I see it is Julie, already a friend.

    However, I searched for Anna as well.

    @ Anna
    I think I have only one FB profile pic with my son (and my two nephews too). My wife and sister have posted a lot of his pics there, but I do not know if you can see them without being their friend (not too much familiar woth Facebook, you see).

    Hi Anna!
    Thanks for your congratulations.
    I have not seen your request in FB but I also sent a request to you a few weeks ago. Maybe we should re-send them again. I rarely enter FB now, but we'll see soon.

    Ross, I hope your little daughter is fine. My boy is doing well, has learned to "speak", makes "auuuu", "aaaaaa" and laughs all the time :D

    Sometimes his laugh is like the sun before the storm, because soon after a strong laugh comes a strong cry, but generally he is funny (when he doesn't poop, sure)

    Hugs and greetings to everybody!

    I thought my son's FCB pic would appear above. Anyway, he is a Bayern fan already, amid all the attempts to make of him a Juventus, Inter or Milan fan

    Congratulations Ross and I wish a long happy life to your baby daughter!

    In a few weeks, from mid July to the first week of August, I will become a father too. My baby is a boy and sure a future Bayern fan!

    Hello everyone, it was such a long time I had not seen this forum. Very busy with my job. All the best to all of you!

    Hello guys!
    Thanks Julie!
    Sure I do have the e-mail adds of all of you and messenger of course, but I am really busy and sometimes I forget to send some pics. Today, for example, I have forgotten the usb with the pics at home...
    Getting old, no?
    :8 :8 :8
    Congratulations to Ros!
    Hugs to you all and hope to send my pics to you soon.

    I have no idea, but also no intention to post them here in the forum.

    Hm, I think Anna's bday is in April, 12,13, or 14, or maybe all of these days, not sure. :D

    Hello everybody!

    Holidays are finished and I am back to my busy work.

    Nice to see Heddot posting again here, Rosmi as well. The seemed lost, especially Heddot.

    Hmm, in addition, as ppl here talk about Rosmi's wedding, I'm telling you that I had mine two weeks ago. So, I am a married man now.