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    half of the job is done!!! yesterday was a real bayern! if wasn't van der sar we could score even more!!! olic was just fantastic, it's something special!!! gomez either!

    hope robben and schweini will be in the starting eleven for the next game

    if really, i liked transfers of van gaal 4 players on loan, they'll play mostly in starting eleven i'm sure, that's a big xp!

    for today i'm only worried about the future of toni kroos, fcb has to do everything to make him return i'm sure, i'll be able to see him in south africa together with muller:)

    First of all, i'm sure we don't need toni anymore. you know, he is too old, and his goal-scoring skill is much more weaker! don't forget how much he misses the target, it's unforgivable for strikers of his level! and also, gomez looks like toni, he is much better and young. thank toni for goals and sell him!!! it's my mind anyway

    if leverkusen will decide to keep kroos, we must offer them baumjohann instead. they're playing on the same position. i'm not sure it will be better for them to be both in one team, in bayern

    and by the way, is anything new about kroos? what leverskusen is going to do?

    ich bin zufrieden mit fiorentina :D

    well, fiore must becom third italian club in the season 2009/2010 which will be defeated by bayern. not only defeated, but destroyed!!! with the same score third time 4:1!!!

    i believe in bayern ;)

    and by the way, if we qualify for 1/4 finals, which team will be drawn with us?

    i new it would happen! i knew i knew!!!! i'm so happy today and i was so proud yesterday to watch the strongest fc bayern!!!!!!:))

    congratulations everyone!!! nice work boys of bayern!!!

    how many youth players are we going to sell? bayern sold celozzi, hummels, furstner and heinze. why are we growing them? who will be the next?

    and also, which star are u going to sign, i'm already fed up with second-level players!!! the number of strikers is three agai, don't u remember match against barca? some players of first eleven were injured and there was no substitution!!! don't ya remember messi vs lell? wanna repeat such shames? ulii and louis, make sure there is substitutions of stars in our team!!!

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Uli Hoeness please buy Diego from Werder Bremen.
    He is a super star who can ensure us to win Cl title next season

    Buy him + Super Mario Gomez

    Ribery + Gomez + Diego = CL title for FC Bayern</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    i have better idea, let's change name and become real madrid 2

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic"> says this are bayern plans:

    --------Van Bommel--------Tymoschuk---------------
    ----Hleb (Olic)----------------------Ribery-------------

    it would be a 4-3-3, but i doubt ribery stays, ,,, and also it looks like schweini, klose, and Baumjohann would be subs.....

    the ????? is because bayern still has work to do there...

    and Diego arrival seems more and more realistic, since his father and agent met bayern management today... but they will wait for the new coach's approval first....</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    do u think either lose or schweini accepts being substitute? they're first team men. if u put hleb, that means ribery is out according to the sentence of barca

    Fraanckyyyyy stop playing with ass and tell us the man's word! we don't need ultimatumes;)))

    if ribery is out from club, the best substitute is marin, but after few years. they are playing with the same style. for today i think gourcouff is a good variant. levan kenia in schalke is very talented, but i'm not sure scouts knew he's performance as well as i know.

    and also, i think gorlitz must return, we don't have right back, except old-aged oddo, who can't run after the first half.

    uliiiii, spend some more moneyyyyy, i'm fed up with 5:1 and 4:0!!!!!

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">ribery is getting on my nerves, if he wants to go else where, than let him go.

    For goalkeeper position, we have rensing, he did some errors at the beginning of the season, but let me remind you, that we were eliminated from champions league against real because of ab error of kahn.

    but we need someone in attack. Not only one as a matter of fact. I think we need 2 good attackers and 1 young one, because klose and tony aren't that young anymore, and we should prepare futur.

    In middle, we need remplacement for ze roberto and van bommel.

    In defence, we need someone in right and another in center in case buyten goes away.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------
    yes, i agree. ribery is over-respected here and now fears us with moving to another club. problem is that we don't have anybody instead of him.

    and about rensing, leave him alone, it's just first season, can u imagine how much is the pressure on him, he's playing instead of kahn, legend. neuer wasn't as strong as he ius today at the begining of the career

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Rumors are fiction most of the time....
    I have found the website to be a very unreliable source,
    whereby even historical facts are tainted....
    Comming back to the latest in transfer rumors...
    IF the story posted on today is true,
    in which Van Bommel advices Ribery to go to Barcelona because he
    can become a "Ronaldinho" there as it was suggested in
    the article... then I think Van Bommel should be the one to leave
    first as these are irresponsible comments from a captain...

    The recent strains and tensions of the last 2 weeks seem to show that
    Klinsmann lost a little grip on the dressing room, but I
    am sure he will regain it back if he hasn't done so already.
    There is no point of playing Van Bommel for the rest of
    this season if that is his attitude.... Podolski is getting
    "punished" for loyality breaches and so should the captain!

    Talking Transfer suggestions; After watching the French
    Team play yesterday.... where Ribey was outstanding.
    2 players caught my eye: the RB Bakari Sagna (arsenal)
    and the DM Jeremy Toulalan (lyon)....

    Ribery had recomended Toulalan to Bayern on 2 occasions
    before the winter transfer....

    But his requests fell to deaf ears :(</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    van bommel must leave if it's true!!!! fans of fcb, don't you want better captain?

    i have read bayern is trying to buy gourcuff, that would be really fantastic!!!!

    Selling Hummels was biggest mistake!!!!!! how could u do that???!!! why are u growing good players? to sell them to the rivals???

    this makes me think that toni kroos will be able to leave the club too. who will play in the deffence after few years? breno and 40 years old lucio???

    if u still can, if u read this messege, return hummels, he is great defender!!!