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    I think Jupp Heynckes will give Usami the chance to prove himself as a backup for Ribery and Robben during the pre-season... and if it doesnt work out well , I think Then our board will look for another backup winger... so no need to rush.

    If Schalke continue to play games with us , I say let's wait until next season and take Neuer for free.
    And I think we'd better try to sign Kjaer since Man City want 20million for Boateng.
    As for German clubs negotiating deals to sell their players to Italian clubs (Vidal and Reus to Napoli / Beck ,Tasci and Kjaer to Juve) , I don't know what to say .it seems our fellow Bundesliga teams have not learned a single thing.

    guys enough with this pessimism ... It's ok if we didn't sign Coentrao , it wasnt gonna change things completly out here . And Rafinha is not that bad, and with a bargain price it might turn out to be one of the best transfers .
    We don't need to buy overrated players for big money to win trophies! it's all about the philisophy and the unit.

    yes I agree that if we buy Dzeko then we should sell Klose.
    But if we had to buy a new Left Back then that means we're saying that we don't believe in Contento's capabilities . because even if we send him on loan he won't be able to replace a newly purchased and probably young left back in the coming years.

    Let's be realistic guys ... the list of players for sale this winter should a lot smaller !
    we can't sell Van Bommel, Ottl, Altintop and Klose this winter !
    The only players that should be sold are Braafheid and one of the two defenders ( Demichelis or Van Buyten) !
    As for new signings, I think Dzeko is all we need right now, A world class finisher !
    No defenders, Contento and Breno can do well !

    Hello Everyone !

    I have a question! I inquired about starting a new Fan Club in my area , and a form was sent to me ... i fully filled in the form and sent it back ! what step should i take now? or should I wait for a reply?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes i agree with "kilat19" about Demichelis! why everyone here wants him to leave... i think he should stay and play alongside someone better than Van Buyten ...
    How about Breno, you all forgot about him, i think he has improved and he's ready to play a vital role in defence next season.

    I agree with everyone on signing Dzeko, he's the perfect striker for Bayern

    and we'll still need a new and world class Right or Left Back .. and that's it

    The formationa/lineup would be as follows: