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    does anyone else thinks that baumjohann should have more minutes to prove himself... otherwise they should loan him.... he is a great talent, look at Kroos now, loaning does actually help the player and the club

    anyway just a thought

    i'm just hoping to make a decent Europa League exit, not like against Zenit a few years ago, and to win the DFB cup...

    yes Board and Van Gaal... you made it, you had lowered my expectations to such a level...



    diego has said today that he wants Juventus, he has not signed yet, but he wants to go there, and he says bayern has not yet made an offer to bremen so... forget about bringing him

    on the other news if toni and ribery leave, and gourcouff, gomez, hleb come and maybe buying a good RB then it wouldn't be bad news, but of course we can forget winning any CL says this are bayern plans:

    --------Van Bommel--------Tymoschuk---------------
    ----Hleb (Olic)----------------------Ribery-------------

    it would be a 4-3-3, but i doubt ribery stays, ,,, and also it looks like schweini, klose, and Baumjohann would be subs.....

    the ????? is because bayern still has work to do there...

    and Diego arrival seems more and more realistic, since his father and agent met bayern management today... but they will wait for the new coach's approval first....

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Bayern please buy Diego (Bremen), Marin (Gladbach), Gomez (Stuttgart), Mertersacker (Bremen), Castro (Leverkusen).

    With this 5 great players, FCB can win CL next season.

    Sell Breno, Lell, Ottl, Sosa, Bommel</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    what's in's good....the rest, are you're "average" things...</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    yah :D:D:D:D Marin is average :D:D:D:D thx at least you meade me laugh

    let Ribery and Van bommel go! I'm tired of them always talking about Barca, f@#$ off , luckily van bommel will no longer be captain when Tymoschuck arrives, and for ribery, i had enough, if he wants to go let him go, I realised now how little he has helped bayern in hard matches, like Zenit last season, or the other day against Barca or Wolfsburg....

    if ribery leaves and we bring Marin I'll be the happiest man alive..

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Bayern also interested in Cannavaro…anck-ribery-swap-deal-wit

    I am not sure how realistic this transfer is. But Cannavaro is a 34-35 years old man, although he is only playing as a central defender. When Cannavaro is top fit, he was a worldclass defender. He was totally humaliated by Torres against Liverpool. So I am not sure the point of signing him</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    the thing is Lucio may leave at the end of the season, but as you say cannavaro is not an option, he is way too old and not playing well, if we were to buy a new CB, then Mertesacker would be my choice

    I would sell Ribery, I'm tired of him being all: i may go or i may stay, then I'll stay for the fans, then maybe i will go....
    I'm starting to get annoyed by him, be loyal or not, but don't play games....
    I say let him go and with the money buy Zhirkov and Marin, and do NOT take Hleb as part of the barcelona deal!

    then : Rensing-Lahm,Lucio, Demichelis,Zhirkov-Marin,Tymoschuck,Baumjohann,Schweini-Toni, Klose( Olic)