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    how many people can that stadium hold fcbals.will it be a combat zone like when european teams play in turkey.pros should not be affected by the crowds but its in places like this where murphys law applys.if anything can go wrong it will. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    the Ramat-Gan stadium (which will hold the the match Haifa vs Bayern) can hold 45000. its a good stadium it has running strips so the crowd is little bit far from the pitch. but it has the ability to produce one hell of atmosphere. also i advise anyone that has a car do get early to stadium traffic will be JAMMED!!!, there is a very big shoping mall in the same complex of the stadium just 2 mins walk so you can spend a couple of hours there :D enjoy fellas we gonna fire the pitch Here!!!

    finally i got a ticket!!! it was a dream since the uefa CL draw, this draw made it possible for me seeing Bayern at action here just 20 mins from my home!!!, god can't catch my breath!!!

    thank you UEFA!!!

    i think we need to be wary of teams like Haifa they have real quality in their ranks.

    but offcourse the real battle will be against Juve, and the underdogs Bordouex

    guys guys guys m really happy m here to see bayern here just 20min away at ramat-gan stadium against Haifa the problem is!!! haifa are offering tickets only as 90 Euros trio package for all there CL games and its within haifa fan sections. also tickets for the section of bayern fans is not offered!!! means i have to buy it by my self from the net for the cost of 225 Euros :-O what m going to do?????????? :-S

    robben is worldclass player but he is soooo selfish and he doesn't realize that!! it is realy pissed me of seeing ruining his ability and magic because of one too more step of selfeshness instead of passing he ball one step earlier and becoming the perfect player.

    and if sneijder comes it would be great addition!!!

    we should not spend more than 12 mil. over Gomez any price over that is unjustified.
    i think we need real potential here the likes Gorcuff , GK Akinfeev, Diego and Hleb with hope of Ribery staying this means real atractive top team next year for sure

    what about Drogba? rumours say he is out of chelsea and Inter and Marsielle after him.... why not us??? i know his little bit old but he doesn't show any signs of decline in his abilities.....

    the name of the game is QUALITY not quantity we can bring 8 new players and same lifless team we have we need top quality players even if 1 is little bit old in midfield one with experience, migical touch and creative mind. alongside ribery and i suggest we bring Van der Vart or Hleb and David silva then we will have mighty creative midfield. at front we need top striker i think Huntelaar was within reach 2 years ago and stupidly no one made step to capture a young talented striker that made over 45 goals in one season and more than 35 the season before... . i think we should try to get Forlan or Fabiano or Kanoute. in GK snd CB postions i don't have realy great ideas so open to suggestions.....

    maybe if we smart enough we can hog players like :
    David Villa (wants to move to CL club)
    Diego Capel
    Quaresma (unsetteled in inter)
    Robinho (there is rumours that he is not happy that club is out of CL)
    Huntelaar (currently unsetteled in real)

    snd combination between Ribery--Deco--Diego--Sosa/Altintop would be great creative possible realistic midfield that could raise the quality of play times ,ore than it is now with uncreative unsmart midfield with van bommel!!!

    in my opinion there are players out there for us to catch that realy can blooster squad.
    let us also be realestic no C.ronaldo or Messi will want to land in Munich so i suggest:

    Deco can be very usefull signing
    Diego alongside Deco!! we will have very creative center midfield
    and if Ribery stays.... we will have one have real line of creativity with Sosa or altintop at right side

    i think Saviola could be great as 3rd or 4rth choice striker

    as for CB i realy have aproblem finding a Class CB that couls be persuaded to join