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    I'm watching HSV - Werder, and I'm fascinated by Diego.
    My wish is that he plays next to Ribery next season, what a pair that would be. Diego is dancing on the field. But that are just wishes...

    I watched the game against Barcelona, and I noticed a few things.
    First, Ribery... Bayern should never sell him, on the contrary, Bayern should buy a worldclass midfielder, I prefer a right winger, to put off all the pressure on Ribery.
    Second, Sosa had a good game tonight, and the past few were good too. I think Bayern should give him more chances, more than Schweinsteiger, who shouldn't be playing as a right winger, he should be moved to the center or the left side.
    Third, buy a right back, someone like Lahm, who is good on the defense as well as on the offense. Maybe a left back, but Lahm is playing on the left for Bayern the whole time, so let him play there, and buy a right back, and never let Lell to play, he is ridiculous.
    Fourth, sell Ottl, no need of explanation.
    Fifth, Toni is a player that needs support by another striker by his side, and Klose is the perfect match, Toni did well against Barsa, but he obviously needed Klose!!!

    That's the two transfers Bayern really needs. Goalkeeper and an additional striker would be a BONUS :-) And it's getting crowded in the midfield (especially if Ze stays for another season or two) with mediocre players, someone besides Ottl should leave too.

    Right back
    Worldclass midfielder
    Striker (Bonus)
    Goalkeeper (Bonus)

    Lell (maybe leave him to play backup, never first team)
    Rensing (if a keeper comes)

    Edin Džeko scored twice tonight in Zenica :-) What a match... We crushed Belgium :-) Without Misimovic this wouldn't happen

    Džeko is the one that Bayern should buy, he is our new Ibrahimović ...

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Well I'm going to Zenica to support my country, without Fellaini and I hope without Kompany and Van Buyten, Bosnia will take all 6 points... :-)</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Why wouldn't Fellaini play? Kompany will normally be fit, Teudaz will stay with his sick mother I read today. But don't be afraid of Kompany, Dzeko is 10 times better.

    BTW: You may also sing for me for Bosnia ;-)</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Fellaini won't play because he got a yellow card in Genk, and he had already one, so he is missing one match. That's what the comentator on TV said... I hope that isn't a mistake :-)

    Well my throat is sore because of the celebration on the streets of Sarajevo last night. It'll cure until Wednesday I guess :-) so I can get it sore again :-) :-)

    Guys did you see Tymoshchuks goal against Vfb Stuttgart... Whaaaatt a gooooaaaalll. I don't see these goals from Van Bommel. Anatoliy will be a good signing, that's for sure...
    Oli&#263; also scoring...
    I think that Bayern will only need a quality right-back plus maybe a fourth young striker, and that's it... Just hope we keep Ribery...

    For me Bendtner is something like Rosenberg from Werder, and I'm not so impressed by him... so I don't think Bayern should sign him, as bench OK, but I don't think he would settle with that, soon he would be angry, just like Poldi... Better sign Donovan, who wishes to sign for Bayern, who would be grateful just to be a Bayern player!