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    Hey Rhein! Welcome Back. Maybe we should all go to the chatroom if bayern win the CL this season??? But my connection is so bad ;((( Only been able to chat in the office...

    Tq Tani and Zoi don't look so surprised :D Anyway, I'm still a 19 years olg sexy girl

    p/s Tani, if you think you need to adapt a lot due to marriage...wait till you have your baby :8

    Wow I didn't know that you're that OLD now :D Anyway, what is a chatroom? 8-)

    Hey, did any of u receive my wedding pic? I sent to Julie, anna, tani, heddy and zoi. Maybe you all change the email addresses already hmmmm...

    Thank U! Actually I've been trying to send the pics but they are too BIG! I've been trying to attach this one file (1.6MB) and it haven't finish since the last 2 hours GGRRRR. Any idea how to reduce the size? Julie I think the last time Jo helps me I think....

    Hello Guys! I'm already married for 2 weeks now. I will send the wedding pics if I can find your email addresses. :-[ So who is going to get married next? :P

    Anna, you are 19 already? :-O You're getting OLD :P When is your bday..sorry i'm getting old.

    Of course I'll email you the wedding pics but first Tani must post his SEXY weddings pics :D . Tani, do you know how to post the pics in the forum? Then I hope you can teach me later

    :-S :-S :-S EVERYDAY FOR THE PAST ONE MONTH! :D I guess it is normal? You know "am I making the right decision?"..."is she REALLY the one"? etc etc. And WHY the closer it gets all the girls in the world looks beautiful....

    *heddyhuuggggssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss* Wow you're still ALIVE after all? Not married yet bro....but 30 more days. So how many children do you have now? I'm planning to get 3 boys and 1 girl and all Bayern Supporters :D

    Hello Julie, it would be on 08.08.08 :8 My family is coming here next week for the engagement. So when are you all going to send me the presents? :P

    Where are u planning to move, Julie? Not finland I hope... ;-)

    Juliehugggsssback :P

    Yay Yay We're The CHAMPIONS!!!! I slept at 5 am because the match went to extra time... 8-) But it's WORTH IT! Hopefully we can be TREBLE champons for this year :D

    *julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehuuuugssssss* :D Julie for what do you need a bf? :P

    Anna, say hello to car too. Btw, are you really coming to Malaysia? I hope u come AFTER the marriage otherwise I might change my mind ;-)

    Zoi, don't scare me like that! :P

    Well, tani it's just a plan...and it's on wednesday and probably won't happen anyway since not many from family can come. Any other suggection guys?


    I just would like to wish MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody here :D

    p/s 20.08.2008 is a good day to get married, don't u think? ;-)

    Nah think I need to buy a laptop myself. But this time I have to behave
    while chatting because someone will be watching :P

    Btw how old are u all now? I only remember Julie is 89 but others I couldn't remember....