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    Hi all :8 Just came back from holiday! Well Anna, this year it's not November but October because every year it (Eid Festival) is getting earlier by 2 weeks. But i couldn't be online :( My sister didn't pay the bill for the internet line and guess what? My mom bought her a new laptop. Hmmmm why they never buy me one.... >:-| :D

    Anna, don't be sad :) Yeah she's the one i guess....haven't tell my mom yet. Don't know how to tell my mom that the girl is staying sooooooooooooooooo far away from my hometown. Can you imagine if it's a german girl? My mom would faint....and never wake up :P

    Wow this thread is still alive. Hello guys! Well just to inform you all that I'be been transferred again.....further away from my hometown. From Kuching, Sarawak to Tawau, Sabah (for divers...very close to Sipadan Island). Hmmm actually I wasn't being transferred but voluntarily wanted to be tansfer to move closer to the cutest girl in Malaysia ;-) Ciao!

    Anna i'm in Kuala Lumpur going to watch muse tomorrow's nite. Make sure you are on the chatroom tonite? This is my last chance before another 300 days maybe...Well others please come too! :8 :D

    I'm still here just a little busy...Working hard to achieve the budget for this year. Only one month left! Can't wait for tomorrow's nite though...first Spartak vs Bayern then Werden vs Chelsea. WERDER! WERDER! :D

    Anna, u can always ask me thru email. I'll find the info / website for you. But here in Kuching the best thing is only Orang Utan :D In West Malaysia u can see more of Malaysia...beautiful islands, tallest twin towers, the jungles....though for me the most beautiful thing is how we comprised of 3 main races (Malay, Chinese and Indian) and yet still live peacefully...

    YES, WHO IS ROSMI?????????????? :P

    Well Zoi, to be honest before Klinsmann joined Bayern I supported all German clubs especially in European tournaments....and I guess it is still true till now. The best time was in 1997 when Dortmund won the European Cup and Schalke won the UEFA Cup. It's always about which team has the most German players for me. Of course, Bayern is still my no 1 team BUT I think Werder play better football than us at the moment :(

    OK you all can really kill me now! :D

    Anna, I'm so sorry I didn't online much because the connection was CRAP and the keyboard was even worse....(I cannot use the "shift" key ggrrrrrrr). Everytime I press "shift" it would would get sthg like this 122SFGDFGHH blablabla). So see u online in 2010 then ;-)

    p/s@all Don't kill me BUT I think now I prefer Bremen to Bayern. :-[ They play better football! Hey I'm a Nationalmannschaft FIRST before Bayern

    YES NAKED NEWS! :D Haven't watch that for more than one year. Thanks for reminding me that. Never get so much excitement while watching the news haha... :-[

    &@Heddy. Selamat Hari Raya Puasa. Maaf Zahir Batin. I'll fly home tomorrow HOORAY! :D

    Anna, I don't promise. The last time I went back it took me 30 minutes to get connected :x Plus this time my parents' house has a satellite tv (FINALLY!) so I might be doing sthg else instead. But I do miss chatting with u all...

    Danaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D To be honest I already forgot about Dana & Alex. Sorry I'm getting old though I'm still 19 OF COURSE! Welcome Back Then.

    I'm going back home from 19th to 29th October. If anybody has nothing to do please make sure you're online on Yahoo Messenger. But I still cannot enter the Bayern Chatroom >:-| :-S

    p/s I think Anna is good for Greek economy and MEN :P