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    :D Thanks, Rosmi!! I'm so excited! I really hope Obama can turn things around after these past 8 years. I'm looking forward to him taking office. With his background, I believe he has a unique outlook on things and can bring people together. :8

    :D Wow, congratulations Rosmi AND Tani!!! You guys still have my email address? I want to see pictures! :8 Rosmi, do you still have that same Yahoo address? Looks like Anna, Zoi and I are the only ones not married now...I think never again for me. :P

    :8 Wow, Ros getting married--can't believe that!! Breaking the hearts of all the guys in the old chatroom!! LOL

    Zoi, thanks for the birthday greetings for Jo. Hopefully, she will be finishing her university degree in the next year or so. And yes, Ros, that is exactly where I plan to move, where else? :D

    :D Hi Rosmi & everyone!! Huuuugggggssssss to all!!! Ros, when is the wedding?? Zoe & Anna, yes, still working on moving, but probably waiting until next year. Looks like Jo is going to try to finish her Bachelor's before we move and I'm going to work on another degree, too, in Teaching. Hopefully, it will give me a better chance to get a job. I know it won't be easy, either way, but I'm determined!! Everyone watch out when I'm determined to do something!! hehehe :P:D :8

    :-O Hmm, almost 3 weeks since anyone posted. I sure do miss seeing everyone in the chat. The only chatroom I frequent now is for Finnish rock. :8 Jo had her 26th birthday last week! Rosmihugsssssss and hugssssssss for everyone else!!! :)

    :( Where is everyone? I'm just trying to survive my stressful job and the crazy weather here. We have temperatures like spring, then storms and tornadoes, then freezing with ice and snow, then warm again, and the cycle least 1 or 2 times a week. The latest, Tuesday, 40+ people killed in tornadoes, then ice and snow the next morning.

    I talked to Car last weekend, for the first time in a year. I guess it's the way for everyone else, busy with boyfriends or girlfriends, university or work. Wow, Ros getting married, others married and having babies. No time for the chat or even the forum, I guess. For me, it's just work--no money for vacation and for sure, no boyfriend... 8-)

    :( Where is everyone--I miss you! Wish we could be together in chat again sometime. I talked to Car several months ago, just for a few minutes. She's so busy; now I don't even see her online anymore. I don't see Fil anymore either. I talked to him, hmm, maybe before I went to Finland, so 1-1/2 years ago? He had to hurry to school. He must have changed his msn because he's not online anymore. Let's see, in the past several months, I've talked to Heddy, Rami, Tani, Anna :P , Mia, Grace, Nicole, Peter (pino), Steve, and got an email from Rosmi. :8

    :D Yes, Anna...My daughter and I were in Helsinki for 2 weeks. We absolutely love it!! Can't wait to go back! Yes, Rammy's still there...when he isn't hiding out in his cottage on the lake. Those pics of Tallinn are beautiful. I really do plan to visit there next time. :8

    8-) Wow, where is everyone?? Oh, maybe I forget people have holidays in other countries...not USA. We just keep working and working, until we die! Anyone still alive? Almost a month since anyone posted here. I miss all you guys!! *hugs* ;-)

    :-S Not much winter in Germany this year, it seems. We did have winter here in Missouri this year, mostly ice and cold, but some snow also. Right now, it's very warm and spring-like, but here it often does that, then snows the next day; the weather changes often. :8