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    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Wie Millen schon sagt, das ist hier eine Ausnahmesituation. Eigentlich ganz spannend, oder? Und wers wirklich nicht versteht, kann ja um kurze Übersetzung bitten.
    Besser, als sich wegen existierender oder nicht existierender Sprachkentnisse anzumaulen.
    Mensch, dafür gibt es doch die PN-Funktion ... *fg*

    Back to topic, o.k.?</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    und nochwas zum thema, ich könnte auch genausogut in italienisch schreiben, das würde dann hier vllt nur 2-3 Leutz verstehn, ergo is doch englisch viel besser, da können mehrere mitdiskutieren

    Axo, ich wär dafür das Milan morgen genausoviele Tore von uns eingeschenkt bekommt wie die Roma heut :D

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">...World Champion Italian players play in Italy football league. In our league we have several champions like Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo, Kakà, Nedved, Trezeguet, Figo and so on.

    I don't think that these champions play in italy only for money.
    We have a glorious championship. Our teams won several European cup.
    I don't understant what you say.

    In the world cup you can win with technic and with lucjy.
    I remember West Germany in 1990. At first it won 4-1 with Jugoslavia, at the end it won with penalty against England and Argentina.

    Is not the same?

    To win at Munich is very difficult, but.......</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    First of all I'd like to say that I like many italian players like Del Piero, Pirlo, Gattuso or ;Maldini for example. I really dont say italians are all bad, dont get me wrong! But NOW, right at the moment italian football has become really bad for me to watch after all and I can asure you that most of the international players are only palying in Italy in case of the big money and nothing else!

    And I understand it in complete. I mean tell me three good reasons nower days for playing in the italian league??

    The Stadiums are mostly old and almost empty. No full stadiums at all... Atmosphere is kinda dead and really nothing that makes you go "WOW"!
    Ok, Italy is a very beautiful Country and living the dolce vita sounds good to me but to be honest, its not the most important reason for a professional football player if you ask me. You mentioned Figo - well dont forget when he did come to play for Inter Milano and where he was before! I mean it was so clear that he was going to play for inter in case of the money he would become there. And its nothing to say against it, not at all. But its a natural decison if you ask me at the end of his career... Why he wasnt playing for Inter before Real and Barca?? Inter was not his first choice i would say, right??

    But back to topic: There are not so many reasons for the italian league "nower days" in many cases. Bad reputation, empty and old stadiums etc... Most of the Clubs in Seria a have big money problems but they are still playing in the league whats not possible in Germany for example.
    To compare with Germany I can tell you that most of our Stadiums are full and the League is without any outstanding debts. The players become there salaries regulary whats not so sure at many italian football clubs in the last years, right??

    And now you may ask me why Star Players like Zidane, Ronaldo and guys like this have never played or never will play in the german league??
    We have the new Stadiums, we have the atmosphere, you will get your money right at time... and what else?? Well ist easy, its only about the MONEY!!

    Cuz the surroundings to play great football are just perfect here in Germany - but sadly the league is not able to pay so much money as the italian league and that is the whole secret.
    If we would have had so big salaries like the italian league - i am sure the German League would be the most attractive League for foreign star players in the whole wide world.
    But sadly that is the only difference from all other top leagues - the money!

    And there is really nothing more for other non italian players than the money to play in italy if you ask me.
    You do have some loyal Players like Maldini, Del Piero and guys like this cuz they love the club deep from their hearts... but all others have no big reasons to play in Italy nower days!</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    and don't forget se flying waschbecken in southern italy, very dangerous.....</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------


    but there wasn`t any contact :D

    anyway, italian league is a glorious one ? in your eyes maybe, in some other eyes maybe too, but in the most eyes italian league ever had scandals(80`s, 90`s and last year) - and of course most players play there because of the money and easy living in cities like Milano...
    Your fans(there is more racism than anywhere else, there is more violence than anywhere else - english hools only fight outside the stadium with each other, SOME italian fans fight inside the stadium, in Genoa for example are 70% of the fans fascists...)

    never point with your finger on other countries which payed for their past, we paid and already pay for your past too, every country in the world looks on us...

    A true story to think about for you:

    As i was for the first time in Marsala at the market, my wife introduced me to some friends of her family and they asked me after 1-2 hrs smalltalk how it is to live with a Adolf Hitler as president...

    This has nothing to do with soccer, but with your way of thinking, before pointing on someone else, try to think before and remember what happens in your country and in your glorious league... 8-)

    rofl west germany, how old are you ? 80 ? you always tell us about our past, what about yours ? weren`t you our friends in WW 2 ? Do you have more racism in Italy at the present then we have ? Yes you have, but all this doesn`t matter... all this are politics and history - and I don`t think that germans stole the Worldcup 1954, lol how funny...

    But we were stolen the cup against England in Wembley, but all this doesn`t matter, all this belongs to the past...

    All what matters is, that Milan is involved in the present corruption and that Berlusconi and Galliani are involved in the present corruption and what really counts is the fact of that funny penalty given to Kaka, Maldini playing the ball with his hands...

    yeah and in the 80`s Milan had to go to serie B, why ??? Because Juve bought a referee ???
    as long as Berlusconi does both things like politics and sports as long Milan will never play fair, these are my thoughts and the thoughts of many other (even fans of Milan)
    Moggi, Galliani, Lippi and Berlusconi are the person who don`t even know the word fairplay, they buy fairplay or they threaten others...

    and this is why I think Italian football is corrupted, not the italian people, i know lots of them and they all are very friendly and nice...

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Ok I`m übersetzing this for you in english:
    Galliani was the Drahtzieher from this scandal. And he mustn`t in the Bunker.
    And the nice man Don B. mixed sport and politic, only Juve is abgestiegen and not Milan. There players and the co-president are verwickelt in the scandal.
    Juve has played fair in international games, Milan not. You italians don`t know what is fair play. Fair play isn`t let me fall and cry for pain when the Schiri is pfeiffing. And then laughting aufstehn and shoot the penalty. Fairplay means to insult not the opponent and break not his bones.
    Do you understand this? :D:D:D
    Gibt doch nix über Hauptschulenglisch :D</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Milan called (with telephone) once for 1 minute. Juventus called 100000 times (100000 it's not a lie).
    Do you see any difference? Moggi call for juventus, Meani (an assistant, not a chief) called to fight Moggi power. Galliani didn't call anyone. Berlusconi didn't call anyone. I admit that Milan mistaked, but 8 points are the right punishment for us.

    You don't know anything about Italian People, You tell about us because you listen legends. There are a lot of people that know fair play in Italy.

    Came on in Italy. You will discover many things about us. forget the racism, I think german people are very intelligent. don't disappoint me please :P</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Just for you, I am every year in Italy, every first two weeks in august I am with my wife at her family in Mazzara del Vallo, near Trapani if you don`t know :D which lies deep in Sicilia...

    And I know a lot of italian people and I know even a lot of italian who say that Milan was deeply involved in that scandal and also lots of people say that Berlusconi even is involved in such things...
    Gallina was and that is a fact involved in that scandal but he is free, tell me why, tell me why milan now can play Champions League, they were first banned from there...
    Tell me why Lippi can coach a team, while his firm and his son were deeply involved in that...
    Tell my why many players(and I only talk of fottball players who don`t know fair play) just fall down of nothing, scream like they`re dying and just the sec the referree calls for a penalty they stand up and laugh ???

    Tell my why a team involved in a betting scandal years ago, now involved again, can wear a betting sponsor ???

    If you call the mishing of politics and sports fair play, if you call all this fair play - ok so you are fair :x 8-)

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Italien=Koruption, 0 Fairness, Rassismus, Gewalt!</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    It's not the truth. Because if you say italien=Koruption, I can say Germans are nazis, but I think that both opinions are wrong.

    The truth is that everytime something happens in Italy, media and newspapers emphasize the matter.

    Please write with more fair-play.

    Forza Milan and Bayern
    it gains the best one

    astambara from italy</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    so, zu dir muss ich jetzt auch mal was loswerden:

    Galliani war einer der Drahtzieher des Skandals und was ist ihm passiert ?? Richtig, nix...
    Da euer ach so toller Don B. mal wieder Politik und Sport vermischt hat, ist eben nur Juve abgestiegen und nicht der AC mit, obwohl Spieler und der Vizepräsident in den Skandal verwickelt waren/sind...
    Juventus hat wenigstens international fair gespielt, genau das kann und macht der AC Milan eben nicht, ihr wisst doch garnicht was fairplay bedeutet, nein fairplay bedeutet nicht sich grundlos fallenzulassen, vor Schmerz heulen und nachdem der Schiri mal wieder nen Elfer gepfiffen hat, lachend aufzustehen und den Elfer schiessen...
    Fairplay bedeutet auch nicht andere zu beleidigen und wenn das nix hilft versuchen die Knochen der gegnerischen Spieler zu brechen...

    Fairplay bedeutet eben auch nicht (und schon garnicht nach so nem Betrugsskandal) einen WETTANBIETER als Trikotsponsor zu haben...

    Und ich hoffe das ihr endlich mal das bekommt was ihr verdient und endlich den Abflug macht aus der CL am Mittwoch, ihr dürftet überhaupt nicht dabei sein - das wäre fair - aber davon versteht ihr nichts, ich hoffe das es der Fussballgott endlich sieht...

    jetzt reichts - die ham se doch nemmer alle, hoffentlich bekommen die was se verdienen in München, am lustigsten fand ich ja den Kommentar, wir sind ja faire Sportsmänner und wollen keinen angreifen, aber Fakt bleibt, das das aberkannte Tor von Gilardinho die Wende des Spiels herbeiführte... MUAHAHAHA

    Diese be... Affen...

    ich krieg schon wieder nen Hass

    ich wär dafür Lahm für 50 Mio zu verkaufen an Juve, dafür lassen sie dann auch die Finger vom Toni, der dann zu uns kommt, noch den Jansen als Lahm Ersatz und gut is :D

    Hitzfeld in Personalplanungen eingeweiht

    Der Vorstandsvorsitzende des FCB erklärte, dass Hitzfeld bereits jetzt in die Personalplanungen für die neue Saison involviert ist. „Er redet ein gewichtiges Wort mit! Wir versuchen gerade höchste Qualität zum FC Bayern zu holen. In erster Linie auf dem internationalen Markt.“ Namen möglicher Kandidaten wollte Rummenigge nicht verraten.

    Dafür äußerte er die Hoffnung, dass Hitzfeld vielleicht sogar Sebastian Deisler zu einem Comeback bewegen könnte. „Sebastian allein entscheidet, ob er eines Tages ein Comeback will. Aber durch Ottmar Hitzfeld und seine enge Bindung zu Deisler steigen unsere Hoffnungen sogar auf dieses Comeback.“

    Rummenigge will die Champions League gewinnen

    Nach dem Einzug der Mannschaft in das Viertelfinale der Champions League hat Rummenigge ein ehrgeiziges Ziel ausgegeben. „Unser letzter großer Erfolg war 2001, in den letzten Jahren war nicht so viel. Unser Ziel ist es auf jeden Fall, die Champions League

    So, ich sag dazu mal nix und warte ganz brav und ruhig ab ob denn wirklich ein Star kommt oder net - aber zum Thema CL sollte sich KHR vllt doch ein wenig zurückhalten, noch vor Wochen waren alle froh, hätte man gg Real keine Klatsche bekommen und jetzt träumen alle von der CL, zu packen wärs, aber bis dahin is verdammt viel Arbeit ... :D

    Kalle hat einfach nur noch ein viel zu grosses Mundwerk, jetzt ist das Bochum-Spiel der Auftakt zu einer gewaltigen Siegesserie, da bin ich aber mal gespannt....

    Wenns wieder nach hinten losgeht, ist dann die darauffolgende Siegesserie Schuld(man will ja die Gegner net deprimieren)

    Ich verlang doch nix, nichtmal mehr nen Trainerwechsel(zumindest net mehr offiziell, die Hoffnung hab ich aufgegeben), ich will auch keine Siege und schönen Fussball, nichtmal nen Ribery 8-)

    Ich will nur das endlich auch mal mit Anstand verloren wird und endlich mal das grosskotzige Gelaber, das inzwischen mehr senil und peinlich ist als Abteilung Attacke aufhört.
    Das diese halbschwulen Ausreden aufhören.
    Das die Verantwortlichen da oben sich endlich mal darüber im klaren sind das etwas nicht stimmt und etwas passieren muss.

    Das KHR, UH und FM die von den Fans geforderte Demut mal selbst zeigen...

    Mehr muss garnicht mehr sein, is eh schon 5 vor 12 diese Saison(irgendwie hab ich aber das Gefühl das schon 20 nach 3 ist....)

    tja, so wird man halt ver..., jegliche Kritik wird im keim erstickt, könnte ja jemand mitbekommen,das hier was im argen liegt...

    Ich finds extrem schwach, wie hier Fragen aussortiert werden...

    ganz doll, der Live-Chat war voll fürn Arsch....

    Nicht eine anständige Frage, die zugelassen wurde, Kritik wird wohl im Keim erstickt...

    Oh, jetzt kam eine Frage wie man zu Daum steht...
    KHR: Das Thema Daum sollten wir in der Schublade lassen, der Zwiespalt zwischen UH und CD ist zu groß...