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    Yes, you are really right, we rebounded from our unlucky Champions League elimination and played well and comfortably beat a strong Wolfsburg side which is becoming 3rd despite the injuries. This is a huge step towards the title, we need to focus on our next 3 games so that we are officially Champions and Sane hasn't been playing the way he was performing in City.

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    We can actually make it 3-2 and take it to extra time.

    The absence of Robert Lewandowski missed, we wasted so many chances. The mistake by Neuer on the first goal was awful, and the positioning of Boateng for the last goal was awful, but we can still do a comeback, and PSG play way better away from home than in-home so the tie is not over yet, but we have to play our team b vs Union Berlin so that the players recover, and then play our full team vs PSG second leg, hopefully, we go with the same mindset and win the tie and go into the semis. It is unlikely that will happen because we don't have the best striker in the world to destroy PSG, but we have to give it all we can.

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    Yes, you are right, this was an impressive fight without Lewandowski, we closed the space when Leipzig tried to score goals and we controlled most of the first half and are likely to win Bundesliga at this point, this is a big step to a ninth straight title in a row, hope we can do well against PSG. #MiaSanMia.

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    It was a great match, Lewandowski missed a couple of chances but still got his goal and overpowered Bremen but the most important thing is, we are getting back to our original form and about to put on the cloak of invincibility, we have a great team.

    MIA SAN MIA!!!


    Yes, you are correct we performed superb, after ten minutes our attack was uncontrollable for Dortmund to control until we completed the epic comeback after 90 minutes and could have scored more, we just need to fix the defence a little and we will retain the UCL title :):), we are already plotting for quarter-finals all that is needed to go through to quarter-finals is to not underestimate Lazio and press hard throughout the game :thumbsup::thumbsup:. Hope we beat City as well.

    Yes you are right, Bayern was amazing today, I think what made the difference is that they played Muisala who has a bright future instead of Choupo-Moting, Choupo-Moting just isn't Bayern quality, and if we keep doing that we will win UCL again this year which is what Guardiola meant on the Champions League news when he said, "Man. City isn't favorites when I see Bayern", and teams like Lazio are dangerous, so we were brilliant today, hope we strike back in the Bundesliga against Koln before Del Klassiker with Dortmund :):).

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    Greetings from Australia.

    Well, what can we do, every team loses and this is our 4th defeat in all competitions, in the first half Frankfurt dominated. In the second half Bayern dominated, we need to make sure not to fall behind in the first half and Sule, Choupo Moting, Sarr needs to get sold they just aren't Bayern level, plus Sule is too slow, and couldn't keep on with the Frankfurt's player pace who scored the second goal, but second half we were great unlike first, it turns out Bayern really is Thomas Muller FC. We depend too much on him and I feel we need him, plus we need to hit first instead of falling behind and turning back into the best team in the world in the second half. Another problem is our injuries or players out for COVID-19 in the past months, Goretzka, Gnabry, Muller, Tolisso, Kimmich, Davies, etc.

    What's your opinion

    Greetings from Australia

    Another problem is, how many chances to score we waste in every game

    yeah, we need to be more clinical with our chances, but the best thing is we are creating lots of chances each game, which is good, we have also gained our winning momentum, and we were missing a key player today which was Thomas Muller and the most important thing is we have won sextuple which only Barca has done and we are top of the world, plus anything in football is possible and we did win 4-1 against Hoffenheim and 4-0 against Schalke comfortably, we have a great team, but yes you are right about chances :).

    I think the main reason why our passing was not great today was because we were missing a key player which was Thomas Muller (who broke the record for the most assists in a season), first half was good it wasn't weak, we created a lot, same in the second but the most important thing is we completed the sextuple which only Barca has done and are top of the world, plus our wins in that competition were comfortable, and we have a great team we will dominate again this year, :):):):).

    Greetings from Australia.

    Lewa the best ;).

    It is just a dip in form, they will be back don't worry.

    Same here m8.

    Hope so much for the original form and to win win win 8o

    All the best and greetings from Belgium

    Ok, but just saying that if we lose, don't get confused we can't always win and no one is invincible in football there is a point where a team loses.