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    Lewa the best ;).

    It is just a dip in form, they will be back don't worry.

    Same here m8.

    Hope so much for the original form and to win win win 8o

    All the best and greetings from Belgium

    Ok, but just saying that if we lose, don't get confused we can't always win and no one is invincible in football there is a point where a team loses.

    Yes, we are getting better and have a great chance of winning Bundesliga and winning the FIFA Club World Cup :). Plus our defense is getting better and we are going back to our original form, which we should continue :).

    What is your opinion?

    Greetings from Australia.

    Well what can we say, we depend a lot on Neuer who was flawless today, I would give him 10/10, Gnabry is not in form, Sane is getting used to his new club and Davies is recovering from his return from injury, the most important thing is we are 7 points clear above 2nd place, RB Leipzig and we have a good chance of winning FIFA Club World Cup, we have two more games until that, but have to say Muller and Kimmich were outstanding today, best players on the pitch, Lewy and Neuer too, Alaba was great today, much better then Pavard, Davies and Boateng, they didn't defend well today and we were great overall, and the defense is improving but still has a lot of work for improvement, but we have restored stability and we are gradually getting there :).

    What is your opinion, please reply.

    Greetings from Australia.

    Hey Aramod,

    Yes ok but you ask my opinion, "Game whas not good".

    If some players have problems or comeback from injury ok, but whe have more then 11 players and they are all professionals.

    Whe take to much goals, defence is not like before,...but, you are right to say that everything can happen in football...look to dortmund and leipzig.

    ok but Lewandowski got subbed off 66th minute due to muscular injury and there was no backup striker.

    There player Lewandowski got subbed off because of muscular injury in the 66th minute and there was no backup striker, which ruined our game plan and our player Kimmich is recovering from injury and Upamecano is coming and it's football anything can happen like 2nd last Mainz beating 2nd first RB Leipzig which happened today, anything can happen in football. What's your opinion?

    Greetings from Australia.

    Well it was a disappointing match, defense was horrendous but we had today I deserved 2-1 victory against Freiburg and it should have been 4-1 and 5-1 cheer up and anything in football is possible. Cheer up!!!

    Greetings from Australia.

    I think Tolisso is doing good he isn't bad and has great shooting ability and he has just come back from injury, what really needs to improve is our defense, Boateng and Alaba are rubbish, we need two players fast for our central defense and our extremely high attacking and pressing line because Bayern Munich plays an extremely high line that the defenders are high up the halfway line and they need fast players, I think our defensive line up should be (Goretzka, Sule, Hernandez, Davies. However it is important we fight back when we fall behind in games and get all 3 points, thankfully they played great in 2nd and became back from 2 down to 5 up and were absolutely dominant after Flick had sharp words with them at half time but I think we should learn to not fall behind first and fix the bad habit and we still won 5-2 and are still top so you shouldn't worry too much, we just need to change our defense to (Goretzka, Sule, Hernandez, Davies) and fix the bad habit, and we are still on top so don't worry too much, and good thing Pavard left Bayern Munich, he is overrated and bad. Also that Alaba is leaving who has been bad recently and we are close to signing Upamecano, who is fast and strong + plus Boateng is leaving

    Please reply and express your opinion.

    Greetings from Australia.

    There is really something wrong with David Alaba, should he go right now???

    There is really something wrong with David Alaba, he has been horrible recently, he has been making lots of mistakes and was horrible in Bayern Munich's dramatic 2-1 over Bayer Leverkusen today...... there is really a problem with David you guys think he should go right now??????...........

    I dont think Boateng is crab. The Problem is, that we don't press extremely high anymore.

    Normally our attck presses already extremly high in the attack area of the opponent. This is gone, as well as the brilliant access we hatd in the midfield area last season.

    I think the problem is we are without Kimmich who is a key player to Bayern Munich and plus we have had this dissapointing start many times and we have come back so let's wait and see and plus Kimmich is a true leader and driver and he is injuried.

    Costa has done nothing since he joined Bayern.

    I wouldn't take it that far, because he has passed the ball couple of times and also dribbled and scored a goal against Sttugart but yes he hasn't been great since rejoining.

    Boateng is not crab - he was left alone last Sat and had a partner being Suele who didn't play well. Well, that's actually a euphemism...

    He is, he is slow and weak and also makes errors in the defence, Sule is slow as well and Alaba is fine but he is not the player he was before

    Yes, you are right, the defence needs work and Boateng is crab, Upenacomo would be a good replacement, we need to get used to playing well without Kimmich. Neuer was dissapointing he gave a gift to Leipzig and didn't do much, Lewandowski was dissapointing as well, the Bayern Munich players that were good were Muller, Coman and Muisala and I think Coman was the best player on the pitch. Pavard is out of form. We need to get used to playing well without Kimmich and Sane and Costa were also dissapointing and Costa hasn't been great when ge rejoined.

    He hasn't played for Bayern Munich and these are his first games for Bayern Munich on loan from Juventus so let's hold off calling him trash and give him a few time to get used to playing for Bayern Munich.

    Thanks to the best goalkeeper in the world whe keep a point at home.

    It whas not a good Bayern yesterday.

    D.Costa ???? I have seen nothing.

    Yeah I agree we had a bad day and I hope we can bounce back against Salzburg tomorrow it was just a bad day for us we will bounce back don't worry.