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    Miroslav Klose

    Miroslav Klose has been appointed as Hansi Flick's assistant manager at Bayern Munich, the former striker set to be promoted from his role as U17s coach at the start of next season. he just had his first week as being assistant coach he trained the Bayern Munich squad…-assistant-coach-30613715

    Any positives/negatives about Miroslav Klose being the assistant manager of Bayern Munich I think he will be a good coach, please express your opinion in replying, any positives/negatives.

    Thiago learned from very good coaches throughout his career but never was considered as a world class center midfielder.

    IMHO only the GOAT Jürgen Klopp can change that. He will take Thiago to a whole new level that has never been seen before.

    Ok, I´m joking;) I don´t want him to leave Munich but apparently he wants to. So I´m hoping to get as much money for him as possible and I have faith in our executives to find a good replacement.

    Someone who is eager to be here, someone who gives his all to succeed with the best club in the world.

    yeah, Liverpool aren't better than Bayern Munich this year, they have lost couple of times this year, Liverpool, while Bayern Munich: none.

    Should Thiago Alcantra leave FC Bayern Munich for Liverpool FC

    Should Thiago Alcantra should leave Bayern Munich? I would say no because in my opinion he hasn't got much opportunity to play and he has been injuried, if he wasn't injuried and had a lot of opportunity to play he would have been doing great because in my opinion he has been working his magic in the Bundesliga and is a great and playmaker especially when he played in the 3-0 win against Chelsea. He also has great shots and goals.

    Quote from Pep Guardolia: Thiago is a great player in Bayern Munich. In my opinion leaving Bayern Munich would be a big blow and he should stay at Bayern Munich with their new player Leroy Sane so they become even more stronger, instead of leaving Bayern Munich with Liverpool which is weaker than Bayern Munich this year. in my opinion he has great dribbling techniques and he takes the whole defence out by his playmaking skills and is the key player in gaining possesion and disturbing the opposition.

    What is your opinion guys. Should Thiago Alcantra leave Bayern Munich or not. Feel free to speak ;);).

    Sorry it is just, I want you to guess who will face Bayern Munich, and what is your prediction for the results.

                                                                    Can Bayern Munich win the UEFA Champions League 2019/20

    Bayern Munich are the best team in the world so far, they haven't lost at all this year and only have one draw. They have had a great year so far and they have been too good for Bundesliga and the won the double this year Bundesliga and DFB Pokal Cup and they have done great performances and been unstopable like 2012/13 season when they won UEFA Champions League thanks to Hansi-Dier Flick tatical brilliance he has changed the team a lot, so in my opinion Bayern are the best and are going to win the UEFA Champions League and there are my game predictions.

    1) Chelsea: since Bayern Munich won the first leg 3-0 in Chelsea's homeground, so I prediction is Bayern Munich beats them in a comfortable 3-0 again in the Allianz Arena.

    2) Barcelona: In my opinion Barcelona will eliminate Napoli and my game prediction for Bayern Munich vs Barca is Bayern Munich will beat Barca 2-0 in the Allianz Arena since Bayern Munich have lost none and Barca 4 or 5 and a draw in the Camp Nou.

    3) Athletico Madrid: In my opinion Athletico Madrid will face Bayern Munich and my game prediction is Bayern Munich will beat Athletico Madrid 3-0 in the Allianz Arena and a 1-0 win for Bayern Munich in Athletico's homeground

    4) PSG: In my opinion PSG will reach the final. PSG has 1 lose and 2 draws this year while Bayern Munich zero loses and one draw so my game prediction is Bayern Munich will beat PSG 2-1.

    What do you think is your game prediction guys feel free to comment on your game prediction for the UEFA Champions League games ;);).

    Bayern Munich 2020 - The fantastic year for Bayern Munich so far and why best team in the world 2020

    Bayern Munich have had a fantastic year so far, they haven't lost at all this year and have had only one draw which was against RB Leipzig they haven't lost at all in all competitions and only have one draw in all competitions, they are the most consistent team in the year so far unbeaten in all competitions with one draw which no team has done like PSG, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona, Man. City, Man. United, Chelsea, Bourissa Dortmund, or Athletico Madrid and many other teams, to be honest nobody has only had one draw in all competitions this year.

    They have been beating easily all the teams the Bundesliga they are just too good for the Bundesliga, also they have won 3-0 against Chelsea when they should have scored two more goals and should have won 5-0 in their OWN HOMEGROUND, the team becoming 3rd Premier League the most difficult league in the world. They won 2-1 against Monchenglabach the team becoming 4th in Bundesliga without their main players. They won against Bourissa Dortmund 1-0 when they should have scored 3 more goals and should have won 4-0 the team becoming 2nd in Bundesliga in their OWN HOMEGROUND.

    They won the double this year Bundesliga and DFB Pokal Cup and played really well and they have only one draw in all competitions this year so far, INSANE FORM! better than any other teams in the world and they won against Chelsea to make it 7 games won out of 7 games in the UEFA Champions League which no team has done this whole decade. Give a like for the post if you agree with me, and also reply to my post. :thumbsup::thumbsup:.