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    this pattern of play is absolutely rubbish I must say. How can the Spanish champions be beaten by a German club playing (or trying to play) in Spanish pattern? ! ? Excuse my crappy language.

    Why should we mould ourself in a different shape while we can make it in our way??

    Jupp was lot better! :x

    Kroos is going to Spain. I won't say that shows any sign of being a traitor. If we look at it positively, I would say it's a good opportunity for his carrier as well as the German national squad.

    For Bayern aspect, ofcourse it is a loss but we still have a strong midfield plus Lewandowski is gonna join us.

    As Jogi said during the WC tournament that German footballers should play in major foreign football leagues like La Liga, Premiership or Serie A apart from Bundesliga in order to get used to the different patterns of playing styles and cope up with them.

    Anyways, looking so forward to the upcoming Bayern season. All the best. :D ;-)

    I live in India. Football is not that much popular here. But I just LOVE football and I also play football in my every weekend and holidays.

    German football has always been fascinating me mostly because of their consistently excellent standard of playing and creative game making.

    I am very very happy for the victory of the German squad.

    Constant hardwork and discipline fetched the Nationalmannschaft the biggest crown in the world soccer. I have been waiting for this golden moment for last 12 years since 2002 final.

    Finally the wish came true.


    My best and heartily wishes to Jogi, Bierhoff, Köpke, Flick and all other individuals of the Nationalmannschaft.

    Danke Jungs !! !! !! :D:D;-);-);-);-):D

    CONGRATULATIONS MY HEROES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !




    German squad should be much aggressive in attacking with excellent tactics. All the shots taken should be 100% accurate.

    Argentinians may try to divert the concentration of Jogi's squad with provocative words during the game but the German side should keep calm and stay cool minded without losing focus - especially Muller, Boateng and others should not get tempered and they should ignore any unprofessional or irrelevant activities of the opponents.

    Just to quote again, there should not be any loophole in the defense and the consistency of it should be retained till the end of the game.

    Just one quick recap, Neuer should not be left alone or almost alone with one defender in the defense for any single occasion to tackle the Argentine attack.

    Argentine squad is very much accurate in both short and long distance shooting especially in all types of chip shots. They should not be given any space to attempt any kind of tricky shot or passing.

    Argentinians will be highly motivated belonging the host continent as well as having majority of supporting audience in the stadium. All the high profile footballers like Messi, Di Maria, Higuain etc as well as the others should not be given a chance on the ball inside the German half on the pitch.

    German defense should be much much stronger. Man to man marking should constantly be there throughout the entire game with a 100% focus and excellent synchronization.

    If the game gets extended to penalty shootouts, all the shots taken should be tricky and punchy and the focus should be maintained till the last whistle is blown off.

    Anyways, lets hold on to it and lets keep our fingers crossed.

    Just to mention again, the German half on the pitch should not be vacant and Neuer should not be left alone in the defense so that he has to come out of the penalty box to tackle the Brazilian counter attack.

    Nice going so far for the Netherlands squad.

    For Netherlands, defense should be stronger to fail the attacking midfield of Argentina. Counter attacking should be there in the entire game.

    No wonder Robben and Van Persie would be marked constantly. It would be better if Tim Krul plays from the beginning instead of Cillessen.

    Brazilian side possesses a good pace in attacking. Aside from the Brazilian forwards, no single opponent should be given a space and should be unmarked for even a moment throughout the game. Players like Marcelo, Luiz, Maicon etc should not be given space inside the German half on the pitch.

    German squad should increase the speed on both defense and offence as stated before. Target for the ball possession should be above 80% and passing accuracy should be above 95%.

    To mention again, fastness in the attack and defense should be brought and remained throughout the entire game.

    Anyways, lets keep the fingers crossed..

    I don't understand why the German half on the pitch gets vacant frequently during the game and Neuer has to run forward out of the penalty box to defend the attack. Any experienced opponent can take full advantage of this sort of situations if it continues.

    France has many talented and well skilled men in its attacking midfield. As mentioned before, defense should always be focused on and consistent - every moment of the entire game to be specific.

    Keeping fingers crossed..

    Latin American countries are performing good so far.

    Colombian team is already giving their best shot. Apart from skills, they possess a good pace in attacking forward.

    African countries already showed the same attribute in their group leagues.

    German squad MUST increase their pace in both offence and defense. Passing accuracy should be more than 90%. Possession should be up to the maximum.

    No opposition player should be unmarked throughout the entire game especially inside the penalty box. There should always be at least 4 defenders on the German half pitch not crossing the half way line. After taking a lead, we can switch our formation into defensive one to prevent any equalizer from the opponent.


    Anyways, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    In this 2014 WC most of the European countries are eliminated already. All the American countries are and will be highly motivated and will try to give it a best shot as host continent.

    Loew should concentrate on the defense especially after leading score. As mentioned before, our squad should be faster in forward and in defense as well to chase up the pace of the attacking midfield of the other teams.

    Anyways, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    German squad must focus on the defense against US team. Klinsman is pretty well acquainted with the German attacking as well as it's traditional defense.

    Anyways, all the best boys!

    Though Germany did a draw finally but there could have been a different result.

    After equalizing the first goal, Ghana took the lead with the brilliant goal scored by Gyan on 1:1 German defense. Now this is the same old story about German defense. Take a look back in 2012 Euro against Italy or in 2006 WC against Italy or in 2008 Euro final against Spain or in 2002 WC final against Brazil.

    After taking the lead with Götze's goal, our boys should have concentrated more on defense rather than offence. It would be very very difficult to equalize score against teams like Italy, France etc.

    Our boys should be way much faster while attacking. Game making seems good so far for the German squad but it should be faster. They doesn't seem so fast as the Ghana on the ball. If playing more attacking football, then defense line should be faster to chase the pace of forwards like Robben, Benzema, Neymar, Balotelli etc.

    Well skilled Özil should be much more aggressive - it didn't reflect on yesterday's performance.

    In 2002 WC final, German squad played fantastically but just because of the carelessness in defense, they lost to Brazil. Same story is repeated in almost all major tournaments for over last 12 years.

    Löw should focus on these aspects immediately.

    Same old story for Germany. Ghana has stopped Germany gaining point. Was there a reflection of a self content after the big win against Portugal? Why defense was again challenged?

    Very good job done Robben ! ! !

    Trapping the cross field shot and scoring the 5th goal was simply heavenly. Both the goals were magnificent anyways. Wishing all the best for the rest of the tournament :D:D:D:D:D