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    Ultimately we got contract with Mandzukic? That's the best thing Hoeness authority could bring to bayern? Unbelievable!!

    Last season's great signings like Rafinha, Usami did a great job throughout the entire season.. didn't they?? :x:x

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Spanish team!!!! :):)

    You all really deserve the trophy. :) Iniesta, you did magnificent job buddy!! Fabregas, Silva, Xavi, Pedro, Arbeloa and others - Hats off to you all !!!

    Montes was absolutely right commenting on your football passes guys- truly ELEGANT passing style it is!! Truly truly elegant!! Hats off to the Spanish Armadas !!!

    Hope our German team will soon face you in a major tournament.:) We would love to play against the Spain. :)

    And Congratulations to Italy :) :)

    You Azzurris deserve to be in final, I must say.

    The final match would be mouth-watering... I am so forward to watching

    So, the Italy vs. Spain group match was not a fluke.. It was a classic one and now we gonna see another classic in final. Awesome!! EURO rocks !!:D

    Really unbelievable!!! I mean i have no word about the first eleven selection for today!!

    Poldi, Kroos, Boateng was in the first eleven !!! Müller was on the bench?!!? Reus was on the bench?!!? Why Bender was on the bench??

    Same thing those Italian attacking was so fast that it turned most the times to be a 2-on-2 situations..
    In our group leagues, Netherlands was not at all a team that can be considered a strong opponent. Even Portugal was stronger, so was Denmark. If talking about pace, Danish side had it. But their finishing line was not so good to score against Germans. Bender did well.. Greece was not so powerful attacking,but we still conceded goal from Samaras who does not posses that mush skills or speed as casano, Balotelli or D Natale.. I expected Bender today instead. Why Jogi didn't focus on it??

    German defense again went in failure.. And Schweinsteiger played very very mediocre game today.. Sorry to say but a midfielder cum game-maker like Schweini, should have been much much higher in quality passing.. The harsh truth is we fortunately didn't face Spain.. It could have been 4 more goals if we played against the Armada.. To mention, Khedira, Reus, Özil played well comparatively. As for defnese, Badstuber and Boateng both of them were very low in standard.

    Here I want to mention something about Schweini :-

    Though he made two very good opportunities against Netherlands, but he is still not the level of Iniesta or Xavi or Busquets.. at least his current performance says so.

    We saw many situations like Del Piero's in 2006.. Like Milito's in the CL final of 2010..

    Same mistakes again and again!!! really tired of this.. :(

    We had the talent.. we had the opportunity but it hasn't been utilized in the proper way.

    In 2010, Argentinian's was the finest organized upfront but their defense was a disaster.. so they paid for it.

    This Italian side could be beaten, if right players played and right defending was done. In today's match, Reus, Müller, Bender were really expected.. an if substitute needed, Scürrle, Gotze were there.. As for Gotze, he was on the bench almost all the tournament:x

    No use of crying I can say to all our German fans, if we don't play a victory oriented game, we can never be a champion.. Astonishingly, this German side always forget the importance of defense in vital matches.. So no wonder we lost.

    And as for the Spain - Portugal match, Portugal played way much better than us.. I could not believe my eyes how they stopped those strong Armada side from scoring a goal in 120 minutes. Hats off to the Portuguese defense.

    If there any shame left, our Nationalmannschaft should focus on improving the defense and fast-passing in next 2 years before the FIFA Cup 2014 starts. Or else we will have to be prepared for shedding tears then too. :x:x

    Anyways, there's no use crying over the spilled milk.. so it's better to try at level best improving from now on.

    There's a gossip in the air that Klose may start with Italy instead of Gomez.. According to Mark Lawrenson of BBC sport, he feels that Gomez might not be let on ground from the start.

    "There is a feeling Loew will start with Klose again against Italy, because of his movement and the understanding he has with Mesut Ozil, but he has a lot of options." he said, "I have a feeling Germany might tell Mesut Ozil to stay near him, especially from what Klinsmann told me about how he stopped Pirlo when the United States played Italy in a friendly in March."

    We hope Jogi's not gonna make a big mistake in selection against Italy.. :x

    Speed and steadiness in our defense line can spare us a goal from the Azzuri side..

    Remember Milito in 2010? Remember Del Piero in 2006? if we are to foil that counter-attacks, we need much more pace in our defense, that's all..

    well, in our German team, there are good co-ordination among players but somehow they lack some speed in comparison to Spain or Italy.

    Lahm said yesterday to some press, "You see the way they [Spain] played [against France] - that was impressive. France had practically no chance, above all in the first half. I am not sure if they even had the ball for more than two seconds."

    and frankly speaking, our German squad needs really more steadiness responding to the passes to beat teams like Spain.. I hope they are working hard on it..

    Aside from the final (considering the right assumption by Cech), how do we explain those misses that Lahm and Kroos made in 2nd leg against Real Madrid?(I'm not concerned about what CR7 and Kaka did because I'm not their supporter).. How about Poldi missed to score against Serbia in 2010? these players are in our squad.. even in the CL final, the shot taken by Lahm was correctly assumed by Cech but it was too fast to stop..

    I must say here the technique Pirlo used last night to shoot at penalties, was an excellent one.. penalty shots should be tricky and dissembling.. it seems like most the ground shots taken at penalties are being saved by the goalies these days..

    This German side can beat the Azzurri side well if the defense doesn't play casual..

    Baletolli, Casano, Pirlo these players must not be unmarked.. The France performance was very disappointing due to the lack of co-ordinations.. and as for the English side, i don't know whether the word counter-attack exists in their dictionary or not..

    anyways, one thing is making me worried a lot which is the penalty shoot out.. It was just pathetic how Bayern lost in the tiebreaker.. Against Real Madrid, both Kroos and Lahm couldn't score at penalty shoot-outs.. In the final, Schweini could not.. In 2010, Poldi could not score at penalty against Serbia..

    I think our coaching also should focus on this aspect.. Though our German side has always been holding a good record of penalty shots but that does never mean we cannot be beaten at penalties.. Against Chelsea, the German side was beaten..

    hope this time the match against Italy won't extend to the penalty shoot-outs.. We should score within 90 minutes and retain the score the same by our defense..

    Now as for the concept on the history/ records/ so-called custom of one team beating another specific one repeatedly in a tournament, has just been proven a stereotypical assumption among the people..

    From last night's match what we can come up with is that a consistent and errorless performance achieves victory. Spain played well, so they won accordingly. I think I don't need to mention all the previous success of France against Spain in the past 20 years.. But it was so because in those years, France used to play better than Spain and now Spanish side is better playing than the French - to be simple enough to explain. So, quality counts, not the color of the opponent. Blunders happen in football which is undeniable but so far as the German side is concerned, the same reason is causing them defeat repeatedly which is the unsteadiness of defense.

    Though we won all the matches so far, but we should also remember that in every match except the 1st one, we had to digest at least 1 goal per match.. What does that signify? Spanish side only had one from Italy but in the rest of the games, their opponent's goal scoring is NIL. So, does it signify that the German side is habituated in creating an opportunity for their opponents to score at least one goal per match? If it is so and if by chance this goal by the opponent sides like Italy/ Spain is scored first, then it would definitely be very hard to equalize it up. I think our defense line-up MUST focus on this aspect. It seems like our German defense is playing kinda casual after 1 or 2 goal is scored and which is why we got one goal from each our opponent so far except Portugal. This MUST NOT be the approach in the semis or in final..

    And both Italy and England MUST BE given the same importance.. When a team reaches to the semi final stage, their quality naturally becomes better and motivated.. We just MUST BE retaining our standard of playing and not underestimating either of them.

    anyways, lets hope for the

    As for Schweini, he made too many miss-passes in the match against Greece especially in the first half:x

    very disappointing.. anyway, all 365 days in a year cannot be sunny..

    Hope he will be back to his standard in the next game..

    And the attacking performance was good today.. Khedira, Özil, Lahm, Scürrle performed very good today..

    well as for the match against Italy or England, I think Gomez should be playing from the start with Klose as a sub. Same against Spain too if we have to face them this year also. Schürrle is way much better than Poldi.. especially against the Italian defense I think Scürrle will be better option than Podolski..

    anyways, one more thing in this kind of tournaments I don't think any country can be a better opponent for another. We thought if Barca would not make it to the final then Chelsea won't be a big problem for us and here we made a big mistake.. we forgot that Barca side failed to foil the Chelsea defense and that's why they could not make it to the final.. So, if England defeats Italy, we MUST NOT assume that English side can be better opponent for us than Italy. If England can beat Italy then probably they will also be able to beat the German side as Italy is considered more powerful than us in terms of defense.

    So, we must focus on the perfection of our performance.. Both England and Italy have nicely talented goal scorer in their squads.. So, we should not focus on which team it can be against us but we must focus on our drawbacks still we are having.. Good effort never turns into a failure.. Spain is the biggest instance of that because they hardly get casual in their games but keep on their consistency throughout all 90 minutes.. We have a very good and talented squad but that doesn't make any sense that we are already champions. We just have to utilize our talents.. Schürrle, Gotze, Khedira, Özil, and other midfielders are okay with their pace but our defense still lacks it.. and that's why the 1st goal by Samaras scored on a 2 on 3 situation.. Our other defenders could not cover them up..

    This is to be rectified or else we should again leave our match result to our fate.. but I think the first one is the better option..

    Anyways, lets hope for the

    Well, some game it was..

    But, still not good.. we can call a team good in terms of its performance when playing consistently good all 90 minutes. I'm sorry to say, in the beginning of the 2nd half, our German side was playing very very casual game which is not at all expected from a trophy winning team.. well, we are lucky that it was Greece but we won't be so lucky with this kind of approach against either of England and Italy..

    We not only have a very poor record against Italy, but our German side also has always been playing too slow passing game to break the defense wall of Italy. And I think this casual playing error should be taken for granted from now on.. Though we won today, but still the Greek side managed to score 2 goals against us which is not at all expected.

    This German side NEEDS to be faster.. there happened some miss passes in today's game just because of slow passing.. And if it is committed against a strong opponent, they will take full advantages of it which the Greek side failed to do.

    Especially Boateng needs to gain more speed and the 1st goal scored by Samaras was due to the casual defending by the German side..

    Remember how most the Bayern fans underestimated Chelsea before the CL final?

    I hope now we became wise enough not doing that same mistake again..

    Greece has very powerful defense line-ups and if they score one goal first then it would be very tough to equalize it up..

    Remember 2010 final? Remember Milito? I hope this time the same story won't be repeated..

    anyways, let's hope for the best.. lol

    Since this is a thread for transfer suggestions also aside from transfer news/ rumors, so I, taking into consideration the performances in this going EURO so far, would suggest some Croatian defenders to be signed with Bayern this coming season.. How about these 2 defenders - Ivan Strinic and Vedran Corluka? Won't either of this 2 be a good transfer to Bayern?

    And considering the match results so far, I must say, the German side MUST NOT be over-confident about themselves or underestimate the Greek side by any means.. even not for a moment!!!

    especially from the match against Russia its quite evident that Greeks are very strong at their defense and apparently they are performing better. They will give their more than 100% against Germans..

    So, we just MUST play our best against them on coming 22nd.. From Jogi's speech in the press conference, it seemed that he is giving them profound importance.. but the game depends on the players.. so they should not be over-content from the last 3 consecutive victories..

    anyways, lets hope for the

    More surprises !!!!

    Now we will have to face either of England and Italy in the semis if we make it through the quarter final..

    France should have won the match last night:x

    anyway, if no more blunder takes place, Portugal should be qualifying for the semis on 21st..

    Only because of these stupid match officials, Spain was considered scoring a fair goal..:(

    and a deserving team is compelled to leave.. It's very shameful that the clear off-side was not given..

    HATS OFF to Croatian defense and their entire squad..

    and Spain is given advantages to move further in this tournament by the officials.. What a shame!!