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    Just some hours ahead to decide the destiny.............

    Anyways, I wont go for any fantasy.. lets get this very straight.. If there has not any lesson been taken so far, we not gonna make it today.. no matter what even if we will be playing in home..

    Though Ramires, Ivanovic and Meireles won't be playing today's game but there will be Essien, Kalou and Luiz.. and above all the absence of Terry won't matter because both Luiz and Cahill are much faster than Terry.. we all know about Essien and Torres probably will be let to the ground after second half..

    Though statistically Bayern is ahead of Chelsea, but this is football and if we try to predict it, we are always so wrong..

    I really don't worry about Badstuber's absence.. what is making me so worried is Gustavo and Alaba not playing today.. anyways, Tymo and Contento will be there.. but they have to be just making no mistake consistently all 90 minutes..

    One thing I would just say, there MUST NOT be any room for a single mistake today.. If Drogba, Kalou and Torres MUST NOT be unmarked for a single moment in the game.. and we MUST DEFEND today.. defense in true sense of the term.. If we can do it, we win.. or else we lose..

    And its really hard for us Bayern fans bearing this humiliations of defeat for past many years..

    So Go Boys!!! Give your 200% today... We are all with you.. :)

    Mia San Mia !!!

    For last 3 season I cannot recall when the last time i saw a remarkable performance by Badstuber..

    But I am sad that both Alaba and Gustavo wont play in CL final..:(

    Oh yes forgot to mention one thing, if we are thinking we can predict football, then forget the title.. Look Manchester city on the last day.. Though they won but it could have been something different if there was not 5 minutes of additional times..

    Defense has always been a BIG DRAWBACK for Bayern ever.. no wonder we lost the DFB cup..

    If this will be the defense in CL final, we gonna lose it too.. that's the fact.. inevitable for fans but that's the truth..

    Defense is a part of the game and it cannot be helped.. Playing good forward doesn't fetch a title to team.. Total football does and that includes defense too..

    5-2 !!!! Do u guys have any shame left? I don't want to hurt any of the Bayern fans but to tell the truth, we are not the team that can be called a true champions even if we win the CL trophy.. sorry to say but true..

    We cannot even defeat that Dormund side!!! Pathetic !!!!!!! I'm not concerned with any other team all over the world, but I just want to know why we cannot make our defense consistent? This has been for years and years!!!!! The same thing again and again !!!!!!

    If this continues, forget championship.. Hope they took a lesson from it now and hope it will be rectified in CL final..

    It's really sad that Gustavo and Alaba won't play in final.. it reminds me the absence of Ribéry in 2010 final.. i think if Ribéry were in that match, there could have been a different result..
    well, we cannot cry over the spilled milk.. but we can of course lock the stable door after the horse is stolen..

    the aggression we showed against Real Madrid, is the key factor to our victory.. and of course the defense.. an excellent defense. This is the final and there MUST NOT be any room for any single mistake. May be according to the statistics, we are ahead of Chelsea, but football is so unpredictable a game that it always leaves new surprises.

    Drogba and Torres must not be unmarked for a single moment.. I still remember the 2008 final match against Spain.. and the goal by Torres.. the last moment goal against Barca almost was alike to that of 2008.

    and German side has always been having the customary of digesting goals in the last 10 minutes of the matches.. so CONSISTENCY throughout whole 90 minutes is a MUST.

    I just know one thing, our boys could defeat the huge star squad of Real Madrid with our small squad.. so, it will not be very difficult to win in finale..

    So, ALL THE BEST BOYS !!! We are all with you..

    Mia San Mia !!!!

    Well done boys!!! Very Good !!!! but not still excellent.. :| We missed 2 penalties!!!
    Now if there its said, if Ronaldo can miss, if Kaka can miss, then whats so wrong with Lahm and Kroos?
    But the fact is the shot by Lahm was really an easy one to stop.. and I know our players are far better than many other highly paid footballers in the world.. (not to forget the EURO '12 ahead).
    From now on its all about final match and Chelsea will be there as our opponent. and to tell the truth Chelsea can be really threatening with Drogba and Torres.. and ofcourse we cannot forget its heart-> Lampard..
    The venue may be our home ground but a final match can never be an easy one.. everyone gives more than 100% in finals.. so we also have to..!!
    Alaba won't be playing at final.. so will not Badstuber too.. well, I'm not worried about Badstuber but Alaba not playing really making me worried..
    anyways, we must not commit any mistake in final.. because final is not the game to make mistakes..
    well, we are with you boys always and forever.. All the best !!! Mia San Mia !!

    Well, I forgot to say something to all.. :)

    Wish u all of our Bayern Community a very very happy Christmas!!! And a happy and prosperous new year!!!! :D

    Bundesliga is really leading Serie A by good margin.. no doubt..

    Well, as for La Liga, I would make no comment but talking about Premier league, it can be considered at our same level (well to me Bundesliga is better.. well thats entirely to me though :D )

    But we should consider Basel a strong opponent.. for last couple of years, a very small mistakes resulted in a devastation to our team.. Even if we take a look at our national team, there was also the same sort of mistakes sometimes.. Last year the match against Inter Milan was almost in our hands but we missed it in the 2nd half.. Inter was not even at its good form last year.. so, we just must be consistent till 90th minute.. and make no mistake at all.. we have digested goals from even not so powerful teams this season so far.. so, the defense should be promising which is not now.

    Well I hope everythings gonna be fine.. All the Best :D

    sure!! Dortmund was quite lucky to get their goal.. indeed.. I do agree.. :D

    Like we were lucky to score one goal in the match against Inter Milan in San Siro last CL season.. ;-)

    But the matter of fact now seem is we play on luck.. That's why we perhaps had to digest 2 goals against Inter Milan in 2010 final.. I can't still understand why still so inconsistency? We don't want to pay lot amount of money on players.. but still we want to be the Champ... Wonderful !!!!!

    Exactly I do agree with you bbjtin.. Müller is a total flop for Bayern..

    And one thing I am telling with fear and shame, if this is the performance we remain, we won't ever be able to win CL title.. never ever..

    If there comes wining the CL title, we need to be far more furious.. or else forget the CL title.. :-[ :-[