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    Dante after world cup has really lost it...I think this is his last season at the club.

    Very bad display & weak defense in counter-attack, Alonso was a disaster.

    If Bayern win 2-0 against porto (really diffcult).. we might clash with Real or Barca and I am afraid it look more ugly than last year when we crashed at Alianz 4-0. :x

    Worest display & performance in the alianz arena & CL.

    Robben has proven again he is not fit mentally for decisive CL matches.

    Kroos is an average player when comes to skills, his only strength is shooting.

    Gustavo & Alba played badly. Mario Mandzukic was not exsiting.

    I hope this the last season we will see Robben & Kroos with Bayern Jersy!! :x:x:x:x:x:x


    Really bad performance by the team against 10 valencia players.
    Also, Coach changes are really conservative and does not have the courage about playing two strikers in the begining of second half!!

    We should have got the 3 points and rest more players during the last match against BATE.

    Bayern 6-1 Lille

    Great attacking by the team..Pizzaro, Lahm and Schwini, Ribery were all great in attacking and making pressure on the opponnent.

    Robben wasted many chances in front of goal and against easy team. What he will be doing when he plays against Bigger teams and get some of these chances..

    I think it time to sell Robben in winter break..I still think he cost us two the DFP Pokal and Champion league cups...

    Our Defense is the same as last year poor from crosses and counter attacks. We dont have quality, discpline in our central defense.

    Our Medfield most of the time of the match uses crosses.. not much playing from flanks...Ribery absences had negative impact in our left side.

    Kroos is only good at shooting ..not much skill or decisive passes...

    The Coach is always experimenting with squad & rotation..
    Badstuber is not improving..he deserved to be benched and even kicked off the team..He is untouchable by Manchaft Coach & Heynckes!!

    Wishful thinking if we can beat Valenica in CL & Dortmound in next weeks to come.

    I agree that the trio were bad (Poldi, Boateng & Kroos).

    The coach was not consistenent in his selection of 11 players...and some players are not fully ready both mentally & physically after disastreous and disappointing season (for example Schwini).

    Also, to add to the weakness when Hummles could not recover mentally after Cassano tunred him to assist in scoring the first goal.

    The only players who were better were Khaderia & Ozil ..the rest of the team before 10-15 mintues toward the end were really dead and with no fighting spirit.

    There is hope in the young if given chances Reus, Gotze, bender but the coach need to strengthen his defense which Germany could not really bring the same quality as in the 70s.

    Germany are mentally haunted by Italy...that was really exploited by the Italian and will still do if we the team does improve on a mental & tactical areas.


    Bastian was really emotional as he was in Euro 2008. I felt sorry for him. He gave the best as he can in both matches.

    We need to think for the future (both invest in young talnets & bring on great attack & defensive players) but these come at price (Money & management need to be changed).

    I hope this match does not impact Bayern players in Mannschaft & they can take the Euro Cup.

    Hoeness & Nerlinger should really resign. They are a big failure. Bayren bride has been hurt deeply.

    Robben is a shadow of a player that used to be 3 years back & is not strong mentally because:

    1. A flop against Inter in the CL final 2010.
    2. Lost two golden chances against Spain for his country in the World cup final 2010.
    3. Lost a golden penalty in this final.

    Solution: Sell Robben (was mistake to extened his contract) & Bench Gomez (to teach him a lesson). Get two world class strikers, a right winger, 2 world class Central defenders.

    My hear & sympathy goes our Captain Lahm, Muller & Ribery they played a great game but were betrayed be the like of Botaneg, Robben & Gomez.

    It is hard slap in the face to Honess & the Management.

    We Gave it up because we could not convert chances.

    The Coach was good but did a big mistake (he will regert) by making Robben shoot the penalty.

    Robben was lucky with Real madrid penalty but his luck ran out & he was sulffish.

    Cahil & Luiz have resumed training for Chelsea & we don't a really a good CB in the Final!!

    Their coach might play Drogba along with Torres. This means that he will play attacking football to finish Bayern early in the game...

    Everbody saw Bayern vunrablity at defense speicallly after the Cup match with Dortmund.

    The players have stated that this cup as important as CL.

    I am afarid they were wrong to compare.

    We could not mentally & physically defeat Dortmund.

    I hope we don't lose another final cup in Munich.

    One CL cup is worth 3 Cup Bundesliga & 3 DFP Pokal!!

    The Coach should have not played with players who will supsended in the Champion league final.

    He should conisder it as training match for CL final.

    Bayern alaways qualify for DFP Pokal but not every time we can reach the final for CL.

    Grande Bayern!!

    English Communtators including Zenden & Haregraves have said that the Better team in both matches qualifed to the final.

    The suspensed players are big blow (Alba was very good with his cool execusion of the penatly kick) & Gustavo hard wark on medfield in stopping Madrid threat.

    We need to prepare our bench by making them play in reamining bundesliga matches specially (Olic, Tymo & Petersen & Usami).

    I suggest playing them in the DFP Cup. Most of the times we reach the final in this cup but never the Champion league.

    The problem we have 7 players if they get another yellow card in Real match, they will miss the final.


    Our whole backline defenders might be suspended if they got a yellow card.

    Great Performance by Bayern, bad refeering in favour of Real.

    Even If Bayern is knocked out by Real at the Bernabu, they taught both Moruniho & Real a good lesson they will never forget.

    Most players are not performing (Gomez, Kroos, Rafniha,..)
    Coach tactics are predictable.
    Not a good reserve players for more than four years.

    The Coach, Nelinger & even Hoeneß need to go.

    The management need to buy really quality players in weak positions (2 excellent Central defenders, a Righ-back, world-class striker, at least one Central Midfielder).