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    Agreed...I'm emotional...sometimes emotion is good, sometimes its not...not the best display on a promo tour, but the tackles were awful, and pep under alot of pressure and needs his core players...i mean, the awful tackle was after like 6 minutes of preseason time for Basti

    Awful tackling by the "Allstars" I was so pissed about the tackle on Bastian I tweeted the A hole...but deleted it the next morning...happy to hear it was only a knock. Big branding advance but what a strain on the players.

    well stated argonaut...many many favorite moments...agreed. Javi's goal v Chelski was a topper and beating barca 7-0 agg was unbelievable...thanks for the posts and here's to 2014!!

    2013 was a fantastic year! What was your favorite moment?? (be specific) Mine was (obviously) Robben's goal in the Champions League final...ahhhh the relief....I'm pretty sure my neighbors heard me scream "Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Europa meister!!!!":)