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    Glad to see that everything is falling into place. It was a matter of time for the players to adapt to Peps philosophy. We r seeing some spectacular football. I am confident that we will keep on improving and that we will have another successful season.

    </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------Breno: "I have lost four kilos, thanks to rehabilitation I run perfectly and I am ready to finally show what I can do with Bayern. I'm no worse than the other central defenders."

    "I am making fantastic progress in my recovery and I am finally almost ready to regularly produce my best for Bayern Munich.

    "The authorities of the club have always praised me, but I have not yet been given a real chance by any manager (at Bayern).

    "I hope to get that chance now and I want to impress."

    Uli Hoeness: "Breno is totally set. I'm sure he will get his chance when he is fit again. "

    Van Gaal: "In defence a fast player like Breno is always needed, if he is good enough for the starting eleven then he will play." <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">,19528,11881_6365109,00.html

    On Gomez, well he still has this season to prove his worth or atleast until winter transfers. If he fails then lets cut our losses and sell.

    Chiellini would be in fact a great addition, but as Chrisco clearly said, he is left footed and I highly doubt Badstuber will be benched. Chiellini is a Juventus die hard fan and player, so yeah he wont leave Juventus.

    I would say extremely weak with Van Buyten and Demichelis, but not with Badstuber and Breno. Badstuber was weak against Kaiserlautern, but he was quite solid in the NT against Belgium. Breno still has to show his talent at Bayern, so I wouldn't call him weak just yet.

    Though I do agree that changes need to happen in defence, personally I would sell both Van Buyten and Demichelis.

    Hope Dzeko does join, he would be a great additon to the squad and a perfect replacement for Klose. On Van Bommels replacement Van Gaal has stated that he is planning on using Alaba, I say try him out in a couple of games as a sub, then let him play a preseason and lets see how it goes. If he fails then definitely lets go for worldclass.

    We as fans have faith in our team, our coach has faith in his players, our players have faith in their skills and their teamates. Our defence is weak, but hopefully they will do a good job and Bayern will have a great season.

    And Ibra would be like another Gomez, a worldclass CB is what we really needed, but as I said earlier, F**k it. Nothing we can do now so lets just hope for the best.

    According to "Kicker", Gomez's agent met with Hoeness yesterday and told him that Gomez wants to leave. He would be happy to go out on loan this season. His agent says "he just wants to play football". Liverpool have so far offered to pay his wages but not a fee.

    "I expect that the issue of acquisitions to be complete," said Christian Nerlinger
    "On our defense, I'm not worried at all." Transfer stop at Bayern: That there will be no newcomer, is not surprising.

    "We always had constructive talks. Martin has behaved impeccably clean, "said Nerlinger. "So I hope that now he fights for his place."

    It also means that Anatoli Timoschtschuk is staying. The move to Dynamo Moscow has been smashed for the time being, Timo will probably stay at least until the winter break. The same applies to Ottl and Braafheid. Means for van Gaal: too many players.…uk-bleiben-tz-897296.html

    There will be no changes at all aparently :-S

    So the transfer window is about to close, lets hope we see SOME movement from our management. With Micho acting like a little bitch I think this is the time to buy a worldclass CB. I will not give up until the window is completely closed :D

    Demcihelis is acting like a little bitch again and refuses to be part of the squad this fridays game against Kaiserlautern. Do we seriously want a player who we cant count with? We cant force a player to stay, if he wants to leave then so be it. Lucio was a completely different thing, he didnt want to go, selling him was a mistake, but Demichelis well he wants to leave.

    I think we might see this in the future (depending on the development of our youth of course):


    Goalkeeper: Well this season nothing will happen, I like Neuer as well, but I think Van Gaal and management might try out Kraft.
    If this doesnt work then definitely Neuer or Adler.

    Central Defender: I thinks its extremely necessary to sign worldclass, I reckon that the board is probably waiting on Breno, but there is no garantee he will be what we all expect him to be. Some more depth is needed and with Demichelis wanting to leave, I think this is the perfect chance to get the much needed reinforcement. Who wants a player that doesnt want to play and prefers leaving? We cant seriously rely on Van Buyten or Haas if Van Buyten or Badstuber get injured.

    Left Defender: I dont see much point of discussing this because Contento is doing a decent job and its quite clear that he will be our LB.

    Right Central Midfielder: Van Gaal has already stated that he will try Alaba in that position and that its most likely that he will replace Van Bommel. We have to come to terms with the fact that Van Gaal prefers using youth and he does in fact have a keen eye for spotting talent. I say lets take the risk with Alaba and if it doesnt work then consider other options.

    Striker: I agree, Gomez will be given his second chance and if he fails then sell him. Klose will is likely to leave Bayern next season and we cant solely depend on Olic.

    Its great to hear that Lahm and Schweinsteiger are considering staying, personally I want them to end their careers here. As ksparx pointed out, a great foundation for the future. Looking forward for it to happen :)

    Sosa will continue his career elsewhere, it was the best for both parties. Atleast we got some good cash for him.

    If Micho refused to be a sub in the first match, Im sure he will do it again in the future. Seriously what the hell is management thinking? Sell him and buy a worldclass CB. Im also very concerned about injuries.

    Well my bad, that not really wasnt that clear.

    I think that its too much of a risk to really depend on Haas and Tymo, maybe it was more of an acceptable risk with Micho as a sub, but he clearly wants to leave. I rather not have a player like him in the team, management should sign a CB just in case.

    At the end if we sell Micho we will get like 8-9 million (i think) and sign a worldclass CB for 20-25 million. I just dont understand, if theres money then why the hell not spend it? Why take these risks?