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    Actually u just said no not really.......

    No reason to get all rattled up about it, then I guess u think that what they have said is nonsens, right? Becuase depending on Haas and Tymo will not get us very far.

    And obviously management wont let a sponsor dictate whats going on in the club, but the thing is that there is an agreement between both parties that stars would promote the airline. Its logical for them to feel disapointed with the lack of transfers, just like all of us.

    With Demichelis leaving the best option would be to sell him and sign a worldclass CB, maybe thats wont be the decision that will be taken, but its certainly the best.

    Well if u think that Haas and Tymo r reliable then sure, but any reasonable person knows that both these players r not good enough for CL matches (playing as CB). Management is taking a huge risk, imagine if Badstuber and Van Buyten both get injured, then what? Breno is not fit yet so what do we do? We play Tymo and Haas :-S

    All I can say is good luck, as a fan I will pray so that it doesnt come to that becuase seriously speaking can we really rely on Tymo and Haas, maybe they r ok for domestic matches, but definitely not for the CL.

    Oh and what about Lufthansa? They want a worldclass signing if not they will withold their 50 million sponsorship. Selling Demichelis and signing a worldclass CB would be the ideal and logical solution considering that Contento is our LB.

    As chrisco said Van Gaal doesnt take risks with injured players, after waiting so long for Breno to risk him would be foolish. He will play when he is 100% fit, if that is before december then I welcome it. We cant count on him for now and when he is in fact ready to play we still dont know how well he will do. I have faith on him, but some extra depth wouldnt be bad for the team.

    Anyhow my point was that Bayern will not sign an LB. Its quite clear that Bayern is trusting its youth and that Contento will be our LB.

    Sell Demichelis and sign a worldclass CB, that way Lufthansa is happy, the fans r happy and the team will have a more solid defence.

    Maybe this sponsor issue with Lufthansa and Demichelis wanting to leave will force management to sign a worldclass CB. I think that would be the solution dor it all, Lufthansas sponsoship is worth 50 million so its simple math.

    No worldclass CB = -50 million

    Worldclass CB + sell Demichelis = -25million + 9 million + 50 million = 36 million and a worldclass CB which is what we need.

    I dont think Bayern will sign a LB, according to Van Gaals latest comments that would go against his wishes and I dont think the board will sign a player Van Gaal doesnt want in the squad.

    As bbjtin said a CB would be ideal, personally I think Demichelis rant has come in the best moment because the transfer window is still open. Demichelis himsef has stated he is not happy and that the best would be for both sides to move on. Hopefully management will sign a worldcass CB and sell Demichelis, theres no point in trying to convince a player to stay when this one wants to leave and is nothing more than a spoiled little bitch. Demichelis attitude reminds me of Toni, we dont need that kind of s**t in Bayern.

    On a goalkeeper I think Butts biggest problem is his lack of communication with his defenders, yesterday there was a confution between him and Van Buyten which almost cost a goal. And bbjtin ppint is also very true. I think Bayern should consider trying Kraft more, I think he has a lot of potential. Maybe againbst Kaiserlautern this friday Van Gaal could play Kraft.

    We will probably see no major changes in the squad, the same goes with departures. No one really wants to go, besides that the market at the moment is not the right one. We have certain players we dont need, but management wont sell unless its for the right price. All we can do is have faith in the current squad and hope for the best, Im sure they will keep on making us all proud.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">According to a report in The People, Champions League finalists Bayern Munich are keeping tabs on French starlet Gael Kakuta and could approach Chelsea with a bid for the 19-year-old before the end of the transfer window.

    Watched by scouts across Europe before finally signing on with the Blues from Lens in 2007 it is believed that Louis Van Gaal is offering the dynamic midfield operator a direct line to first team action at the Allianz Arena; a scenario unlikely at Stamford Bridge where the player faces direct competition from the likes of Michael Essien, John Obi Mikel, Yossi Benayoun and Florent Malouda.

    Kakuta was at the heart of Chelsea’s temporary transfer ban, after it was initially suggested that the Premier League champions had deliberately gone behind Lyon’s back to sign the player.

    He made his first team debut last term in the Champions League, becoming the club’s youngest ever in the competition, and was praised on the night by Italian boss Carlo Ancelotti as ‘the future of Chelsea.’ Kakuta has since earned plaudits for his exploits at international under-19 level, helping France to their recent European Championship final success over Spain.

    bbjtin : I agree, Van Gaal has placed his trust on Contento and so should the board and us the fans. The chemistry he has with Ribery ion the left flank is remarkable and anyone can clearly see that with regular playing time he can become one of the best.

    Personally I would love to see a worldclass CB signed, I think we desperately need one. The thing is that I think management will take the risk (use Van Buyten and Demichelis) and wait for Breno. Hope this decison doesnt cost us too much, lets hope for the best and keep supporting our so beloved team.

    I dont think no one really wants to play the same defence........................

    Either way it wont be the same, Badstuber will be CB, not LB. Contento will play as LB. Im sure Demichelis will be benched and that Van Buyten will partner up with Badstuber.

    The reality is clear, there will probably not be any new signing. The best would be to sign a wordclass CB, but management is reluctant of doing so.

    Oh and in midfield, well Van Gaal plans to use Alaba as Van Bommels replacement, he actually didnt want to sign Khedira so Bayern let him go to Madrid.

    Worldclass is neccessary, but we must come to realize that our management doesnt see it that way. A balance is needed, but as chrisco pointed out, there is already a balance in Bayern. Our management and coach r putting their faith in our youth and so should we.

    Give them time and the chance to prove themselves. Its clear that Van Gaal trust our youth and we should do too. Its a matter of time, Mueller proved to be incredible in just one season, lets see how well the others develop. Personally I have faith in them and Im sure they wil make us all proud.

    Couldnt have said it any better chrisco :)

    Atleast we have some depth in the squad, players like Pranjic r very usefull and it seems like he has found his place in center midfield. And our youth is just impressive, Bayern has the best youth system!

    I think Pranjic did a good job, he can be a greta sub for Schweinsteiger and that missed chance he had was so close. If it werent for Casillas Bayern would have won without a doubt.

    Youngsters were tried out today and personally I think it was a success, Jullich can seriously be considered as Lahms back up and Kraft keeps on impressing me.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">What we could do is to swoop Demichelis with Hummels plus 5mil Euros. I think that will satisfy Dortmund's wants and maybe we can add Ottl or Sosa into the deal since they are already surplus here.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Thats a great idea seriously, one to be considered without a doubt. Lets hope management sees this opportunnity.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">Borussia Dortmund defender Mats Hummels would jump at a second chance to succeed at Bayern Munich.

    "I played at the club for over 12 years. I want to prove myself again," the 21-year old defender told Sport Bild.

    The towering centre-back went on to clarify that he isn't looking for a change this summer or even next year, but "If Bayern inquires in the future, anyone would have to consider an offer".

    Hummels had a breakthrough season in 2009-10, and was arguably the Bundesliga's best centre half alongside Sami Hyypia. Bayern have announced that they will not make any signings this year, but depending on the development of Breno, the defending champions may step up interest in Hummels as early as next summer.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Nice to hear this, obviously nothing will happen this season, but maybe the next.

    On the current situation with Bayern, ack of worldclass signings, I think its quite clear that nothing will happen. Its a real shame, but lets hope for the best. Maybe by the winter transfer window management will realize the importance of depth.

    Great performance from Bayern, Kraft was impressive and our attack was not exact in the first half, but on the second it improved drastically. Klose was good and Olic played great (nice assist for Kloses goal).

    This is what happens when Schalke face an almost complete Bayern :)

    Bayern has to atleast buy a back up RB for Lahm, its a shame that management doesnt see the importance and neccessity of 1-2 high profie signings. Lets hope for the best and have faith in our team, hopefuly Breno will be the revelation we all have been waiting for.

    Heres the probable line up for this Saturdays game against Schalke (Super Cup):

    ---------------------------------------Jörg Butt-------------------------------------
    Philipp Lahm - Martin Demichelis - Holger Badstuber - Diego Contento
    Thomas Müller - Bastian Schweinsteiger - Danjiel Pranjic - Deniz Mujic
    ------------------------------Ivica Olic - Miroslav Klose---------------------------

    "The boss has opted to take a 15-strong squad to Augsburg, including World Cup stars Badstuber, Jörg Butt, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Müller, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Miroslav Klose, all of whom only resumed training last Monday. The remaining players will continue training at the Säbener Strasse."…ws/2010/24562.php?fcb_sid