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    Personally I would go like this against Schalke:

    Van Bommel-----------------Schweinsteiger

    *Altintop is great, but is he fully fit? He did leave training due to an injury, anyhow I would like to see both Muller and Kroos play :)

    And yeah Chrisco we do have enough quality to cover Robbens absence, Im glad we have good back up in the midfield, but Im quite concerned about defence.....

    Get well soon Robben, with him out then its most ikely that we will see Mueler in the right and Kroos as AM behind Olic. Atleast now both Mueler and Kroos wil play, but its a shame to loss Robben for 2 months. Damn Dutch doctors, they didnt realize the severity of the injury.

    The problem is that wait, can we really rely on Demichelis? Van Gaal needs to analyze this carefully, Van Buyten is out for quite some time and even so he isnt the greatest. This is the best chance to change things up a little, even if its only for 1-2 seasons.

    Sadly its true that there will likely be no signings, except for a back up RB (or atleast I hope), but theres still time. Lets wait and see.

    What about Rafa Marquez, he is free agent and a good player. Im sure he is a better option than Demichelis, Bayern can give him a 1-2 year contract. He does know the playing style and seems to be the kind of player Van Gaal would like.

    The problem is that management sees Gomez as an investment, they certainy dont want sell him after just one season. It would be the best, maybe, but I dont think it will happen.

    My huge concern is defence, now that Van Buyten is out for quite some time (probably moths) and we seriously cant depend on Demichelis so I think this is the perfect time to bring in a wroldcass CB.

    I reckon that worldclass new signings r needed, but tis most likely to end differently. Our squad will probably remain the same, though we must consider certain factors that r different:

    1. Ribery will be back, according to Van Gaal his recovery is going great.
    2. Contento will play as our new LB, great improvement from Badstuber.
    3. Badstuber will paly as CB, Demichelis will most likely be benched.
    4. Kroos will be back and will add much needed depth to the squad.

    I have faith that the team will do great and personally I would also like to see Dzeko join, but not at Gomez expense. I prefer offering Klose + Tymo + cash.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">li and Dieter Hoeness share the same views of what a possible change of Edin Dzeko to Bayern Munich concerns. "This is not an issue. All I can say one thing only: That's nonsense. Edin Dzeko this season is definitely in play for VfL, "said Dieter Hoeness, manager of the VfL Wolfsburg , in Munich, evening newspaper.

    A brother Uli agrees: "That's not true. Since there were no conversations with my brother. "It had been speculated Dzeko could swap with Mario Gomez and Anatoliy Tymoshchuk to the German record champion change in the. Diese Idee ist nun wohl vom Tisch. This idea is probably off the table. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------…cle10818.html&sl=de&tl=en

    It was too good to be true, well as I suspected this will have to be postponed. Lets wait and see, for now we will have to do with what we´ve got.

    Schalke interested in Gomez?…stuermer.html&sl=de&tl=en

    I think its just a rumor, I dont think Schalke will make a good offer and that our management will let Gomez go after just one season.

    Spectacular ring exchange between Bayern, Schalke and Wolfsburg Edin Dzeko, Mario Gomez and Jefferson Farfan?…und-jefferson-farfan-9324

    Ok now this sounds crazy, some rumors r understandable, but this is quite exagerated.

    ksparx, my friend, I completely agree. I also prefer Tymo + Klose + cash deal. I would like to see Dzeko join, but not an the expense of Gomez (who is still young and can still prove his worth at Bayern). I reckon that considering Van Gaals prefered formation, there isnt much space for Gomez, but its always good to have some back up.

    ----Lahm - Van Buyten - Badstuber - Contento----
    Robben - Van Bommel - Schweinsteiger - Ribery

    ---- New RB - Hass - Demichelis - Braafheid----
    ----------- Altintop- Ottl - Pranjic - Alaba -----------
    --------------------------- Gomez ---------------------------

    R u sure thats his salary? It sounds a little too much, anyhow besides Bayern Woflsburg is one of the few Bundesliga clubs that can pay that.

    I doubt Dzeko will join us, Woflsburg is keen on keeping him. All we can do is wait another season, our management wont sell Gomez yet.

    I hear u bbjtin, but the problem is that it seems like there will be no changes. At the least a back up for Lahm and possibly some one to replace Sosa, if he leaves. We might want to see changes, but management is keen in keeping the same squad rather than upgrading it. Lets hope their decision doesnt cost too much.

    Bastian Schweinsteiger was asked about the future a couple of days ago, given the interest of Real Madrid and he answered the following:

    Your perfect display on the World Cup oppened the interest of many clubs. What is your situation with Bayern?

    I have contract with Bayern until 2012. After that, I'll hear Bayern's plans concerning myself and then we will find out a solution.

    What do you consider important in those talks?

    The posibility of winning the Champions League.

    Do you think you will be able to win it next season?

    I'm sure that Bayern is well prepared to win the Champions League. We have a great team, a great coach and a lot of potential.

    For those of u who believe that Schweinsteiger might leave here is something to give u some peace of mind.

    On Weis as ksparx very well said,

    ´Weis is a tough defensive midfielder, like Tymoshchuk, so I dont think this is real, because Van Gaal prefers a No.6 more than a defensive midfielder.´

    The (perceived) interest of the master record at the Bundesliga top scorer is not new. In the previous season, a visit to the Bosnian saw in the Bavarian capital quite a stir. Time and again on rumors, the Munich would like to the hapless Mario Gomez to replace Dzeko.

    It seems certain that the company FC Bayern this summer is no attempt to compel Dzeko. These were the assurances you give Gomez a chance to believe. But next summer, the cards are reshuffled. Versagt der ehemalige Denied the former Stuttgart this season, expired time by Gomez. The contract of Miroslav Klose runs from 2011th

    FC Bayern have next summer demand for a new striker. If Dzeko actually in Lower Saxony, the connection between the Bosnians and the German champion in 2011 should be very hot.…e-dzeko_article10682.html

    Yeah I agree bbjtin, Gomez will be given another chance, but yeah I would also like to see Dzeko join the squad this season. Wolfsburg wont let him go, maybe next season (Klose will probably leave) sign him as Kloses replacement.

    For next season I would also like to see Neur or Adler joining the squad. Im also curious to see how Breno will do, I have high hopes for him.

    Atleast Bayern is keeping their options, its just a rumor. Management knows that Khedira is most likely joining Real Madrid (career suicide, if u ask me)

    Heres something I found interesting:

    Van Gaal: "I am interested in Dzeko."

    "I give opinions on players I've coached before. But Edin is a valuable striker, I'm interested in him," said Louis van Gaal when asked about the Bosnian striker. But last week Wolves manager Dieter Hoeness has drawn a line under all this: "Dzeko remains - no matter what offers comes," he said.…-interessiert-854654.html

    Now this I would like to see, but I dont think it will happen now. Probably by next season, Dzeko would be a great Bayern player.

    As Weis today the "kicker", confirmed there were the first contacts between the consultant and FCB-Sports Director Nerlinger.

    Having already traded Sami Khedira as a replacement, we now have another candidate. As Tobias Weis of the TSG Hoffenheim 1899 with the "kicker", confirmed there was contact between March and his manager Uli Ferber FCB sporting director Christian Nerlinger.. Bavaria makes an offer that one happened, so not every day, "Weis said. For now, the midfielder would leave the TSG but not: "I want this one to play two or three years, with no injuries. ” Then it's not out of the world to change some time at a big club. "…tschen-rekordmeister-8889

    Interesting option, considering Khedira is very close to Real Madrid.

    No Ibra please, the guy is a bigger flop than Gomez, seriously. If we sign someone let it be a p layer who knowsthe Bundesliga well nad has had a good season, scoring more than 20 goals.

    Dont expect to see a new ST, I dont think it will happen.

    I think this new season will be different, its true that last we won many matches due toindividuls or just luck, but with a fit Ribery ad Kroos I think this will be a great season.

    I do think that possiby 2 new players will be signed (Corchia and Ayew), they be great back ups. And Contento will d great, the games that he has played his performance has been quite good. Imagine him as a starter, by december he will be fantastic.

    I will keep my faith in the squad and Van Gaal, hopefully this season we will win the CL. In my opinion its between Bayern and Barcelona (Real Madrid is also a strong contender).

    Personaly I would change center defence, sell Demichelis and sign a worldclass CB to partner with Badstuber. Keep Van Buyten as a sub untilBreno is fully fit.

    Corchia would be a great back up for Lahm and Ayew would be a great addition to the squad, lets hope management signs them both. Considering Bayerns passive attitude I think there will be little changes in the squad.

    In: Corchia, Ayew

    Out: Sosa, Tymoschuk

    *Personally I would want Demichelis out (he is needed until Breno is fully fit, after that I hope he is sold) and a worldclass CB in to partner up with Badstuber, but its more likely he will partner up with Van Buyten.

    Back up team:

    ----Corchia - Hass - Demichelis - Braafheid----
    -------Altintop- Ottl - Alaba/Pranjic - Ayew------
    -----------------------Gomez - Klose--------------------

    *Breno will be fit in December, until then I doubt he will play.

    Theres still time so lets wait and see what happens.