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    Sosa scored one goal and supplied the pass for another, my bad guys, lost my glasses and I made a mistake. But still Sosa played well for what Ive been reading and the other time Estudiantes beat Boca 4-1 Sosa scored an amazing goal and supplied the pass for another goal. The kid got skills, he just needs to play in Europe more, lets loan him out for one season to a European club and wait for the results.

    By the way Sosa has scored 3 goals in the game Argentina played against Costa Rica, I just think its worth mentioning the quality of this young talented player. The next move with him should be loaning him in Europe so that he gets the experience he needs. It did a fantastic thing for Kroos, maybe loan Sosa to Leverkuesen for 1 season and lets see what happens.

    What will happen is that he will come back to Bayern, thats for sure. Now the real question is how will he fit to our talented squad. As mention before in the Bayern Formation topic, the best way could be having him playing alongside Schweinsteiger and Muller in the midfield, then Robben and Ribery and finally Gomez as the lone striker. This way we can use the best of our squad at once.

    Hopefully we will loan some quality players, that would be the wise thing to do. Neuer has said that if Shalke make it to the Champions league that he will stay, so lets hope Shalke doesnt make it so that we can come in and buy Neuer.

    Thats true, we must give it some time. A problem with our scouting system is that we hurry too much in signing a promising player without studying the situation in depth. We must give these promising players more time to proof that they are what we are looking for and that they are Bayern material.

    Let him go, his performance hasnt been up to Bayern standards. If he feels home sick and feels that he is not important for the club then let him go. In the summer transfer market we can get Boateng. Metzelder and Howedes. Let the Demichelis leave, his almost 30 anyways.

    Thats what we need flexibility, options we cant depend in our first team defenders, injuries can happen any time, suspensions as well. And in my opinion Demichelis hasnt been doing his job well, he has caused too many goals due to his mistakes on the back. Hopefully Management will act before the winter transfer window closes.

    I have confidence our squad can do great, but great isnt enough for Bayern we most do espectacular. We are in a moment were we can go very far in Europe, our squad is one of the best in years. For more reason this should motivate Management to try to complete our squad. Our defensive options are too limited and this is our weakness. We can win the Bundesliga, win the Cup, but the Champions league is far to come if we dont solve this situation. We need backup, our defense is our Aquiles heal and this will be present through out the season. For the good of the team I hope Im wrong and that our defenders prove me wrong.

    We are just talking about 15 million, its good that he wants a financial healthy club, but not at the price of the team and the fans. We need a CB, thats the reality. Our options are too limited, if our first team defenders get injured or suspended then we are in a critical position. The squad is great, but we need a defender. You cant tell me that you are going to trust Demichelis, considering his critical mistakes recently. I just say buy one defender and lets be honest Braafield hasnt been to the expectation, Gorlitz and Lell are pretty much ghosts. What are our options?? Maybe Diego Contento will help the situation, but lets also consider that Bayern Munich 2 are 18th in the Liga 3. No one is saying to throw out Nerlinger, he should just reconsider and see the reality of the situation.

    bbjtin, you are completely right. Kahn would be an excelent choice, Nerlinger is only thinking of money, he is not thinking of the team, the fans, just money. Atleast one CB, lets hope they react sooner than latter and realize their big mistake. And as for Ribery and his injuries, well Im not sure that he is faking them, what kind of man would do such a thing. I hope he comes to senses and realizes all that Bayern has done for him. And as for MVB I think he should step aside to leave space for Kroos who will come back to us next season.

    I completely agree, the decision not to by new players is ridicolous considering our defense. We need atleast 2 defenders, Boateng and Metzelder are great options. Nerlinger is trying to save money, but does not understand that right now is the time to spend and complete the squad. A squad that can easily win both the Bundesliga as the cup and compete in the Champions, maybe even win it. We need to come into our senses and do something about this, Bayern is only ready offensively, but our defense is our Aquiles heal and this will be obvious through out the rest of the season.

    So as I imagine you all have heard, Ribery is considering a extention in his contract with us. I must say Im glad that he has come to sense, considering all that he owes the team. I mean he has been injured and our great medical staff has been taking care of him, we have been quite patient with him. If he stays for 2 more years ill be quite happy because I believe that with him, combined with Robben, we can win the Champions. Hopefully we win this one, but I am certain that we can win nexts years with our squad. We just need to work on our defense and our team will be ready. We need atleast 3 quality defenders, I reckon I said 2 before, but Im certain Demichelis will leave during the summer transfers, or atleast I hope. I also believe that MVB should retire soon and leave space for youngters like Kroos. Hope you stay Ribery, but if you dont Bayern will still dominate and you will eventually regret leaving a team and a place such as Munich which has given so much to you and your family.

    I agree, we need more quality defenders. If any of our first team defenders gets injured then we are screwed. The incident against Barcelona is the living prove of that. I say we should sign atleast two quality defenders, Metzelder is an interesting option. Theres a variety of players that can be Bayern material, but we just need to get them. Our offense is great, but without a good defense then whats the point. Lets improve our defense!

    I was positive about Baumjohann, and I agree, this certainly means a return of Kroos. I think Bayern is doing the right thing with these transfers, look at the good it did for Kroos to be loan out and get playing time at Leverkuesen. Maybe thats what Breno and Ottl need and they will certainly have with struggling Nuremberg. The good thing is that the squad is certainly decreasing and this means more playjng time for the players who deserve to play. Van Gaal was rigth when he said he couldn't work with 26 players. Lets see who else will go, I honestly think Demichelis should leave and we should get a quality player, we must also remember that Van Buyten, even though his great performance, is over 30.

    I have the feeling that Ribery will leave us, I just read this article:…rs-for-ribery-108846.html

    It seems we will be losing him, its quite a shame, but we cant force a player to be loyal to our team. Although I must say that with Kroos coming back things are going to definitely be interesting. We could have

    Adler or Neur
    Lahm - Van Buyten - Badstuber - Rafinha
    Muller - Schweinsteiger - Kroos - Robben
    Gomez - Olic

    We should consider selling Demichelis and Baumjohann (or atlestgive him out on loan)