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    Van der Wiel never linked up nicely with Robben in the WC and his defending is very poor.

    ¨Ajax deny having received an offer from Bayern. ¨…den-op-Van-der-Wiel.dhtml

    ¨"TZ" reports that Alvaro Pereira (24, Porto & Uruguay) has been watched by Bayern scouts several times in the past few months and is on the candidates list for the left-back position.¨…-pereira-meta-833734.html

    And on Robinho, please people nothing more than just a rumor........

    That Robinho rumor is nothing more than just a rumor, come on theres no need for a player like him. Besides that Im sure Van Gaal wouldnt like a player like him in his team.

    That West Ham Klose rumor was probably right, but after this WC performance theres no way he will leave Bayern.

    ¨Tottenham Hotspur reportedly want to sign Mario Gomez on loan, with the option to buy him permanently. Juventus and AC Milan are also said to be interested in him, but none of the clubs have so far made a concrete offer.¨…10/07/07/12414800000.html

    GK: ¨Reigning Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich are considering making a move for Dutch international Maarten Stekelenburg, currently under contract with Eredivisie powerhouse Ajax, according to a report in Kicker.¨

    I dont think it will happen, Bayern will probably wait for Neuer who has been impressive in the WC.

    CB: ¨Nemanja Vidic (28) and Bayern continue to flirt harder. Although Bayern continue to say that they're not going to make any big transfers, they're operating behind the scenes. Manchester United supposedly want 22 million euros for him. It is believed that Vidic would like to move to Bayern.¨…10/07/05/12394300000.html

    That would be my dream, sell Demichelis and sign Vidic! Hope it happens, it be amazing.

    LB: Rummenigge: "Coentrao is certainly a good player, but we are not ready to meet the exorbitant demands of Benfica".

    ¨Rummenigge: "I spoke with Louis van Gaal. We will keep looking (for a left-back), and if we find a suitable player, it is good. If not, then Louis has no problem starting the season with Diego Contento."

    "Bastos is not an issue. Lyon bought him only a year ago for 18 million."¨

    I think Contento can do a great job, he has a lot of potential and has good chemistry with Ribery on the left, but Coentrao is an extremly good player and worth his price tag.

    RB: ¨According to "Sportal", Dutch right-back Gregory van der Wiel is set for a move to FC Bayern. The 22-year-old defender has a contract with Ajax Amsterdam until 2013. The Dutch side supposedly want 15 million euros for van der Wiel, while Bayern are actually offering 11 million.

    Italian clubs Juventus and Inter are also reportedly interested in the player, but Bayern are believed to be in pole-position to secure his services. Van der Wiel is supposedly keen to join Bayern and is pushing for a quick transfer to Munich.¨…10/07/05/12394300000.html

    Personally I think he is too expensive for a backup, I prefer Corchia (younger and cheaper).

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">now Mou wants him...lets see what happens... </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    Bayern wont even consider to sell, they have already stated, back off, theres no way they would sell Schweinsteiger and for that matter the same goes for Mueller and Lahm.,19528,11890_6241541,00.html

    And no doubt that Van Gaal has helped Schweinsteiger develop into a great player and we will keep on seeing this with other Bayern players, Mueller for example.

    Im sorry Ottl, but u wont get first team action.

    Good for Ekici, the kid needs some Bundesliga laying time.

    I dont think Bayern will bring anyone in the midfield, Nerlinger is not a big spender, he prefers to play it safe. In my opinion Demichelis should be sold and a new CB should be signed, like Kjaer, Subotic, etc.

    Probably so, but having a man like Klose is always helpful. He will probably be a great sub in this new season and then he will probably leave Bayern. Either way I thank him for all that he has done for Bayern and wish him the best. Seeing him play in the WC is bringing me joy, looking forward for this Saturday.

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">
    Klose: "Of course, there are some inquiries. In recent days, especially from Eastern Europe, which are really very lucrative".

    "I wouldn't move at this stage in any case, that's not a question of money. I am not like that."

    "I will fulfill my contract until 2011 in any case".</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------…ngebote-osten-825337.html

    Glad to see a player with that kind of attitude, he has respect and cares more about playing than moving to get more money.

    With his performance in this WC, I welcome Klose and thank him, because even when some, including myself, lost hope in him he never lost it. I hope he continues with this performance at Bayern.

    @ jvorwald:

    I agree with u, no need for a striker, atleast not yet. Demichelis, should be sold. And on the goalkeeper, Butt will remain Bayerns goalkeeper until we can get either Adler of Neuer. I like Lloris as well, but I think Bayerns #1 must be German. As Oliver Kahn said,

    "Bayern Munich, for example, has a policy that Germany's No 1 goalkeeper needs to be in their goal but I think in England we see a situation where many goalkeeping positions are filled with foreign goalkeepers, which makes it very difficult to develop an English goalkeeper."…

    With Klose stayihg, I dont see management buying a striker, maybe for next season perhaps.

    On another note:

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">It’s probably not a good idea for Jose Ernesto Sosa to unpack his bags–as Christian Nerlinger has already made quite clear, Sosa will be heading out of Munich soon. Some Portuguese reports actually did have a Sosa acquisition by Benfica as a possibiliy, but as the Fabio Coentrão derby has cooled a bit in the last couple days, other rumors are coming to the forefront. The latest involve two Serie A teams. Parma is now said to have interest in acquiring Sosa on loan. However, as Sosa is in the final year of his contract, Bayern may be done playing the loan game with him. If so, then it may be Catania who are in the driver’s seat. The Sicilian said to be prepared to purchase Sosa. Bayern paid €6 mil for Sosa in 2007 and will look to recoup that investment if they sell him off. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------…n-unexpected-visitor.html

    Gomez needs to come to himself at Bayern, gain his trust and confidence back in order to start scoring like he used to. I have faith that Gomez can prove his worth, he is a talented player who needs to get back on track. Maybe later on, when Klose retires or goes elsewhere a new striker will be needed. For now I dont think Nerlinger is planning to change much around, maybe later on.

    A backup RB is DEFINITELY needed as both Görlitz and Lell are gone. This means we only have Lahm for that position. A new LB shouldn't be a MUST, because i believe Contento can fill the gap pretty well, just show the kid some faith, he has talent and potential. And Braafheid is the backup. With Klose, Gomez, Olic and Müller as striker we are definitely in no need of a new striker, unless Klose is to be sold.

    I only see a new CB if Demichelis is to be sold and a new backup RB as we don't have any backup for Lahm. Next summer there will be more changes.. </span><br>-------------------------------------------------------

    ksparx I agree, Contento should be given the chance. He has a lot of potential, a lot of chemistry with Ribery and can become so much more. The backup RB is necessary, on that I have this:

    <span style="font-weight:bold; font-style:italic">Zitat:</span><br><span style="font-style:italic">According to French sports newspaper "L'Equipe", Bayern are still negotiating with Le Mans for Corchia.

    The French club refused a 2.5 million Euros bid from Bayern and are still holding out for 5 million Euros.</span><br>-------------------------------------------------------…hia-c-est-5-millions.html

    And yes my firend Demichelis should be sold!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A back up RB for Lahm is necessary, hope Bayern can sign Corchia. I must also add that Bayern players are performing great in this WC, we all should be proud. Many other teams want our Bayern youth (Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Mueller), but theres no way we will sell.

    Im just giving u the same attitude u give me, maybe next time u will try to be more civilized rather than so conflictive. Treat others as u would like to be treated......

    Anyhow I must mention the great performance of Contento and give my honest opinion that he should be given the chance to start.

    Contento is part of the U-20 German team. Due to his dual nationality he can choose later on to represent either of his nations, but I have a feeling he will play for Germany. Contento would have been much better choice than Badstuber and Boateng in the left.