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    hello dear Merja, I'm a Bayern Fan, from the province of Catania, and in Serie A (Italy) Typhoid AC Milan, and not only that, I like anchea other sports, I follow the All Blacks in rugby, NBA, and even a little volleyball, and those who speak of Celtic culture, like me, add me as a friend ........ and after this I have nothing more to write. Then it's up to you to discover me, hello to all ;-)

    Hi, I'm Salvo, i'm 22. I'm from the province of Catania(Italy). I'm AC Milan fan in Italy, but in outside of Italy, obviously Bayern ;-). Today I turned my city with the shirt of Bayern. player: Franck Ribery 7 season 2008/2009, a good evening :D

    Hello, I'm Salvo, i'm 22, and I live in province of Catania(Italy). I'm a lot fan of AC Milan in my country, and my favourite team out of my country obviously is Bayern Munich ;-)

    I would be happy I would be glad if someone or some of you hold her friendship with me, to chat over Bayern and various sports.

    it's up to you to discover my passion for sports and much more, for the moment I have nothing to say. Have a nice day :-)