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    Yes that's it !.....thanks a lot, I have been trying to find it everywhere but had the wrong lyrics.
    My 1st time at the AA and although the match was not very exciting even thanks to the dumb schiri, the whole celebration, südkurve atmosphere was unforgetabble.

    Thanks a lot !

    Last Saturday before the match against Stuttgart, there were three brass bands playing Bavarian tunes as part of the pre-match programme and at one point the Stuttgart supporters started whistling. Then the Südkurve started singing a hymn with music similar to 'I am sailing' and there were words like 'kein schwaben'. It doesn't seem to be new since it seemed popular with the other supporters as well.

    Does anybody know what this hymn is called ?


    I will be in Munich watching the last home match against Stuttgart with my 8 year old son who is a big Bayern supporter.

    So the Meisterschale will be presented after this game, but does anybody know if there will be the traditional autokorso and celebrations in Marienplatz after the game ? I am searching but cannot find anything about this.

    Really appreciate if anyone can give me some news.

    Thank you

    Friends sorry for writing this in english but I have been thinking about writing this for some days and now here it is. Altough I still do not beleive how the dream ended and still think it is unfair but the reason for this is to thank all the fans who made that magic atmosphere in Munich. I'm sure that many of them meet here. I will remember last Saturday for a lot of time and the memories are making the loss less bitter.
    I am a fan from Malta who made the trip all the way to Munich although I had no AA ticket. I just wanted to be right there in Munich with all true bayern fans. Thanks to you guys from here I also decided that the place to be without match ticket was the Oly and after a lot of work I was so very happy to got the ticket.
    This was my 3rd time to Munich but this time it was different and had a great time at the centre with all those red and white fans, but the Oly atmosphere was the best part.
    Here is my video of everyone singing "Who the fu** is Chelsea London hey,hey!" and then 'Stern des Südens', that and the moment when Müller scored was pure magic.
    Unfortunatley, destiny was not on our side and cannot imagine what would have happened if the result was different. But the only way, now is to look forward and hope that Bayern win it in Wembley, London next year.

    Thank you guys for making me feel Dahoam.